Disney Just Cancelled A Gina Carano Episode That Was Already Filmed

Disney isn't just canceling Gina Carano Star Wars roles. Apparently they are also scrubbing other shows she's already filmed as well.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Gina Carano isn’t done getting canceled by Disney yet. Though she’s been fully removed from the Star Wars universe and won’t be coming back anytime soon, the studio is still working to remove her from work she already put in. Think of this as additional canceling, making sure they can move on from the actress without having to face any additional backlash going forward. That’s because apparently Disney also scrapped an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls that featured the actress.

According to early info for the series, Gina Carano was set to appear on episode six of Running Wild with Bear Grylls and it had already been filmed. The actress and host had both previously shared their excitement on social media about the episode.  Carano tweeted that they spent time in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy and apparently things had gone rather smoothly. This was back in early January.

But those plans have been scrubbed by at least Disney who has no plans to air the Gina Carano show. Running Wild with Bear Grylls is a Discovery Channel property though Disney+ does stream the series on the platform as well. But after their high-profile split with the actress, the company has no apparent desire to reopen anything close to ties with her going forward. They have decided to remove that episode from this season’s lineup. So it wasn’t just getting canceled Carano from Star Wars, they don’t want her appearing anymore on the platform on other projects either. 

Running Wild with Bear Grylls is a popular Discovery Channel show that has the titular host bringing on different celebrities to participate in a variety of survival and extreme activities. Over the years a number of high-profile folks have jumped on board like Zac Efron, Kate Winslet, Ben Stiller, and Channing Tatum. Plus, there’s been quite a bit of Disney/ Marvel crossover as well with Brie Larson and David Bautista coming on and Anthony Mackie set to make an appearance this coming season. Gina Carano was one of those folks planned as well too in what would have likely been a cool episode considering the actress’s athletic background. 

It’s unclear if Discovery plans on airing the episode on their own streaming service, though early looks at the episode guide make it appear they are moving away from the Gina Carano as well. Originally she’d been slated for that sixth episode but now that’s going to be Danny Trejo instead. 

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Gina Carano, of course, was all the talk of cancel culture within the last few months because of her much-publicized ouster from the Star Wars franchise on Disney+. There she played Cara Dune on the wildly popular The Mandalorian series through the first two seasons. And apparently, her role was set to expand in a major way with Rangers of the New Republic. But all of that came to an end when she tweeted a comparison between the plight of Jewish people in the Holocaust to the treatment of modern-day Republicans. That culminated months-long speculation about her future with Star Wars and Disney because of other controversial statements. She was removed from her role. 

Though she picked up a new gig with The Daily Wire, apparently the canceling of Gina Carano by Disney isn’t over yet. She won’t be making her survival appearance on the platform and that’s just a further sign there’s no intention of ever bringing her back.