Gerard Butler’s Best Movie Has Landed A Sequel

Gerard Butler's most recent hit, Plane, is set to get a sequel focusing on his co-star Mike Colter, called Ship.

By TeeJay Small | Published

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Gerard Butler is a certified action star, with films such as 300, Law Abiding Citizen, and Olympus Has Fallen all prominently displaying his thrilling skills as a leading man. Now, Gerard Butler’s latest critically acclaimed film, Plane, which hit theaters only a month ago, has been greenlit for a sequel. According to a write up in The Hollywood Reporter, the sequel will be called Ship, and take place on a cargo ship, following Mike Colter‘s character from the first film.

Mike Colter is perhaps best known for his leading appearance as the titular gritty hero in the Netflix Luke Cage series. Colter stars alongside Gerard Butler in Plane as former French Legionnaire turned accused murderer Louis Gaspare. The film has garnered critical praise for its high stakes action and well paced story, as well as the leading performances which elevate the material beyond a standard action film, leaving some to refer to Plane as Gerard Butler’s best role yet.

In the film, Gerard Butler plays Brodie Torrance, a former Royal Air Force pilot as he navigates a commercial plane throughout the South Pacific. After suffering damage in a storm, Torrance is forced to land the aircraft on a remote island off the coast of the Philippines, which is home to a rebel alliance of militant natives. Torrance is forced to find a way to lead the passengers to safety as the government is unwilling to send reinforcements into the highly dangerous area.

During their encampment on the island, Colter’s Louis Gaspare becomes an invaluable asset in assisting the captain, fighting their way through the rebel camps as a team. Eventually, Gaspare chooses to stay behind on the island to suppress rebel forces as Torrance pilots the flight back into the skies with the passengers on board. Though Gerard Butler is not set to lead in the Plane sequel, rumors have already begun to surface that he may have a cameo appearance within the film, due to his excellent chemistry with Mike Colter.

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Gerard Butler and Mike Colter in Plane

For now, little is known about the plot of Ship, though Colter is slated to return in the leading role, hopping aboard an East Asian cargo ship to escape the island. Given that Gerard Butler’s character safely departed the island on the plane and got the passengers to safety, it’s possible that he returns to vouch for Gaspare’s innocence and integrity in Ship, as the pair couldn’t have achieved such a feat without their combined efforts. Torrance’s word will likely carry some weight with the authorities due to his service record and newfound praise for saving the lives of the people on the flight.

The sequel is scheduled to be filmed in late 2023, with writers and directors currently being optioned by the studio to helm the film. With Gerard Butler’s performance in Plane continuing to bring in massive box office numbers, we’re expecting the second film in the series to have an even larger scale with a larger budget. Who knows, perhaps Gerard Butler can collaborate with Steve Martin for a third film, tying into the Planes, Trains, and Automobiles cinematic universe.