Sexiest Game Of Thrones Characters

By Rick Gonzales | Updated

There are a few things that we know for certain about the television series, Game of Thrones. The first is that it is filled with gratuitous violence; some of the deaths were beyond brutal. We know that it had plenty of nudity and sex. We also know that because of the latter two, there needed to be plenty of eye candy to sell the goods. There was and it did.

Although the ending of GoT was a tad bit underwhelming, you have to hand it to the series creators, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, for never skimping on the lush scenery. By “lush,” of course, we are talking about the amazing beauties the series employed.

So, let’s take a look at some of the sexiest (ladies) Game of Thrones characters seen throughout its 8-season run.

Sexiest Game of Thrones Characters

10. Ygritte

Rose Leslie first joined the cast of Game of Thrones during the second season as the recurring character, Ygritte. She stayed with the series for two more seasons before moving on to more television and feature film roles.

Leslie is a case where art and life become one because she met Kit Harrington on the set of GoT, was his love interest on the series, then in 2018, the pair married in real life. Together the couple has two children, their second child being born in July 2023.

9. Margaery Tyrell

Before Natalie Dormer became known as Margaery Tyrell on Game of Thrones, she rose to prominence as Anne Boylen, Queen of England and one of the six wives of Henry VIII in The Tudors. After spending 3 seasons on the hit Showtime historical drama, Dormer moved on to GoT. She joined the cast during the second season, ending her run after season 6.

8. Melisandre

game of thrones

With as much death and destruction seen throughout the entire Game of Thrones series, it can sometimes be more shocking that a character lasts as long as they do. This can be said for Carice van Houten’s Melisandre, who joined the cast during the second season. Somehow she stuck around until the series’ final season, although she only appeared in one episode in season 8.

Van Houten is also a singer by trade, appearing on a number of discs including her solo effort, See You on the Ice.

7. Myranda

game of thrones

Charlotte Hope is one of the many who wasn’t long for the Game of Thrones world. She joined the cast of GoT during the third season and actually made it until the sixth.

While that may sound like a long time, she only appeared in eight episodes. The young beauty played Myranda, one of the creepier characters in GoT. She is a cannibal who loves to eat living (and even dead) creatures/people thinking she will take their life force for herself.

Myranda was sadistic in nature, and consistently tormented Sansa Stark, but eventually got her comeuppance.

6. Shae

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Sibel Kekilli is a German actress whose claim-to-fame before joining Game of Thrones as Shae was as a pornographic movie star. Kekilli made her first appearance during season 1 of GoT and stuck around until season 4.

She becomes a handmaiden to Sansa and the love interest of Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage). Love and jealousy, though, are two things that don’t mix well and Shae finds out the hard way just how deadly that combination can truly be.

5. Ros

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The gorgeous and sexy Esmé Bianco played Ros, a recurring character, on Game of Thrones for the first three seasons. Although not seen as much as we would have liked, Blanco’s Ros was a prostitute in King’s Landing.

While GoT brought her some fame, she really got some play time when she accused her former boyfriend, Marilyn Manson, of physical abuse during their relationship. In fact, Bianco went so far as to sue Manson for sexual assault and human trafficking. The pair finally reached an out-of-court settlement.

4. Missandei

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Nathalie Emmanuel has the distinction of being the only prominent Game of Thrones character that was a woman of color. It is for this reason that her death, while shackled in chains, became such an unpopular choice, as it evoked images of slavery. Prior to her on-screen death, Missandei was a popular character, serving as Daenerys Targaryen’s interpreter.

Because of GoT, Emmanuel was brought onto the Fast & Furious franchise as Ramsey, starring in Furious 7, The Fate of the Furious, F9, and Fast X. She has also starred in the Army of the Dead prequel, Army of Thieves.

3. Daenerys Targaryen

Emilia Clarke secret invasion game of thrones

Emilia Clarke has played Sarah Connor in The Terminator franchise and Qi’ra in the standalone Star Wars film, Solo: A Star Wars Story, but she is by far best known as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones.

While there was much going on during the series’ 8 seasons, the show was ultimately hers. With all her critical acclaim as Daenerys Targaryen, it may come as a shock that Clarke was not part of the initial pilot episode of GoT.

The role had been given to actress Tamzin Merchant but private viewings of the pilot resulted in such a negative reception that the role was recast and Clarke was brought on board. The rest is history.

2. Cersei Lannister

lena headey game of thrones

Lena Headey played Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones as both beautiful and diabolical, leading her to be the most complex of GoT characters. The one thing you can’t deny in Heady’s depiction of Cersei is her love for her children, and she will do anything she can to protect them.

With her children at the forefront of her actions, it makes her lust for power and scheming much more understandable, and it definitely adds to the sexiness of her character.

1. Sansa Stark

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Would it be wrong of us to say that Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark is the sexiest character in all of Game of Thrones? Obviously, we don’t think so as Turner sits at number one on the GoT sexy meter. Not only is Turner a beauty as Sansa, but her portrayal earned her much critical recognition. Turner expertly portrays Sansa’s growth from a young, naïve teen to a strong, independent young woman.