Game Of Thrones: The Movie Happening?

By Ross Bonaime | 4 months ago

Game of Thrones Jon Snow

Game of Thrones ended in 2019 after eight seasons on HBO, becoming one of the biggest shows of the 2010s and winning more Emmy Awards than any drama series ever. Game of Thrones was a massive success for HBO, and as the biggest series ever on the network, it’s no surprise that HBO has been planning other series set in the world of George R.R. Martin’s work. But a new rumor suggests that not only is HBO working on new shows, it might also be working on Game of Thrones movies. 

The rumor comes from gossip writer Daniel Richtman, who posted the piece of gossip on his Patreon page. While Richtman doesn’t say where his information comes from, he does say that the plan is for Game of Thrones to live on through HBO for twenty more years. Certainly, more television shows based in this world could also continue this series for that long, but a movie wouldn’t be entirely outside the realm of possibility.

HBO rarely makes movies based on their television projects, but it is something they’ve done with some of their shows. Sex and the City received two movies, and several shows like Looking, Hello Ladies, and Deadwood have all had movie-length final episodes to wrap up stories. However, with the introduction of HBO Max, it looks as though HBO might be digging into their past for some new stories. Sex and the City is getting a reboot, while The Sopranos has a prequel film, The Many Saints of Newark coming to theaters and HBO Max this year. It would make sense that HBO might eventually make a Game of Thrones film at some point as well.

Game of Thrones Daenerys

But what makes this rumor suspicious is that HBO has been relatively upfront with their plans for future Game of Thrones properties. When Game of Thrones was still on the air back in 2017,  the network let their audience know there were five other Game of Thrones series in development. Several of these series have been nixed, including one prequel series that would have starred Naomi Watts.

Beyond that, HBO has lets fans know already they can expect more Game of Thrones content in the future. Just last month, it was announced a prequel series was being made based on Martin’s novella series Tales of Dunk and Egg, while there’s also an animated drama coming to HBO Max. But the most prominent of these series is another prequel, entitled House of the Dragon, which has already cast The Outsiders’ Paddy Considine, Olivia Cooke, Emma D’Arcy, and Matt Smith

If HBO does want to continue Game of Thrones for twenty years, making more series seems a good way not only to do that, but to keep fans subscribed to HBO or HBO Max. Making a film in this world could theoretically happen, but a new movie every few years isn’t going to keep audiences subscribed for month-after-month. Besides that, HBO has been fairly straightforward about their plans with Game of Thrones, so if there was a film in development, it seems as though we would hear it from the studio. Considering the popularity of Game of Thrones, a movie would make some sense, but as of right now, it looks to be little more than an unconfirmed rumor.