Gabrielle Union’s Best Movie Getting A Proper Sequel?

Gabrielle Union says that a Bring it On sequel is in active development

By Chad Langen | Updated

gabrielle union

Gabrielle Union has enjoyed a long and healthy career in Hollywood. Currently, she stars as Eva on the Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told. While attending the hit show’s Season 3 premiere, the 50-year-old actress told Variety that a direct sequel to 2000’s Bring It On is being actively developed.

“We’ve been developing a sequel forever,” Gabrielle Union told the outlet. She went on to explain that most people don’t realize how long development can take in the industry. “That could be five minutes or 50 years,” she noted.

Bring It On was a surprise hit when it landed in theaters. Arriving at a time when raunchy teen comedies were a dime a dozen, the iconic cheerleading film was smart, sassy, and refreshingly original. The movie also made stars out of several cast members including Gabrielle Union, Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Bradford, and Eliza Dushku.

In the film, the newly appointed captain (Kirsten Dunst) of a champion high school cheerleading squad discovers the previous captain stole all their best routines from an inner-city school. Now, she must scramble to come up with an original routine in order to compete at this year’s cheerleading championships. To make matters worse, the newly appointed captain (Gabrielle Union) of a rival cheerleading squad is determined to put an end to her squad’s winning streak.

Although Bring It On spurred five direct-to-video sequels and a Halloween-themed television sequel, none featured the original cast. For over two decades, fans have pleaded for a proper sequel to bring back stars like Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union. Considering both actresses are in their 40s and 50s, however, it’s highly unlikely either of them will be doing pyramids.

Back in 2020, Gabrielle Union and Kirsten Dunst celebrated the movie’s 20th anniversary by reuniting with director Peyton Reed and writer Jessica Bendinger for a Zoom call. During their virtual meetup, both stars pitched some ideas for a potential sequel to Bring It On that would allow them to return to their respective roles. The most plausible idea came from Dunst, who suggested their characters head up a cheerleading school.

While she remains hopeful a proper sequel to Bring It On will come to fruition, Gabrielle Union has plenty of projects in the pipeline. In addition to starring in the third season of Apple TV+’s Truth Be Told, she recently starred in the Disney+ film Cheaper by the Dozen. The film serves as a re-imagining of the 2003 hit family comedy of the same name.

Up next, Gabrielle Union is set to headline the television movie, White Dave. Although the upcoming comedy is listed as completed, a release date has yet to be announced. The David E. Talbert-directed feature centers on a young African American teenager raised in an all-white suburb who struggles to adjust to living in an all-Black neighborhood after his mom remarries.

Further out, the award winning-actress will star in the romantic comedy The Perfect Find. Directed by Numa Perrier, the story revolves around a 40-year-old woman who considers risking her high-stakes career, ticking biological clock, and bank account for an intensely lusty secret romance with one person who could destroy her comeback for good. In addition to Gabrielle Union, the forthcoming film stars Gina Torres, Janet Hubert, Aisha Hinds, and La La Anthony.