Gabrielle Union Wants To Join Marvel And Star Wars

Gabrielle Union hopes her upcoming Disney movie Strange World will open doors with Marvel and Star Wars.

By Gareth Skarka | Published

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Strange World star Gabrielle Union revealed that she’s hoping to join the Marvel and Star Wars universes. Union told Screen Rant that being in a Disney Animated movie is a dream come true, and that she hopes it opens the door for her to future projects on the Disney-owned Marvel and Star Wars properties.

Revealing that, astonishingly, she’s never been even considered for any of those things, Union said “Oh my God, if you don’t say Marvel or Star Wars or live-action, you’d be lying.”

Perhaps one of actress Gabrielle Union’s most cherished movies is 2000’s Bring It On, which co-starred the recently married Kirsten Dunst and was directed by Ant-Man‘s Peyton Reed. The comedy focused on rival high school cheerleader captains preparing to enter the national competition. The actress recently discussed potentially coming back for a sequel.

Bring It On

After appearing in Bright It On, Gabrielle Union starred in numerous other franchises, including Bad BoysThink Like A ManCheaper By The Dozen, and more. Outside of the film industry, Union has written four books and was included on Time’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2020. She is also an outspoken advocate for women’s health.

Speaking on her desire to be cast in a Marvel or Star Wars project, Union joked, “Maybe this is my year. I’m fifty; I feel thirty. My face is holding up, my back is holding up, and my butt’s still high so maybe. I can still kick some ass.”

Gabrielle Union’s desire to join these major franchises certainly comes as no surprise, but what is shocking is hearing that the Bring It On star hasn’t been considered before. She has more than shown her abilities across comedy, drama, thriller, and action genres, and now her work on Disney’s Strange World demonstrates her abilities as a voice actor. Given the number of live-action and animated projects underway on both the Marvel and Star Wars franchises, that would seem to be a perfect fit for the multi-talented star.

The sheer number of characters available across the Marvel multiverse would seem to offer a great opportunity for casting Gabrielle Union. For example, with rumors that Marvel is looking to add the X-Men to their Cinematic Universe, there are few actresses who would be better in the role of Storm, the weather-controlling mutant. Union is not the only person associated with Strange World who hopes to join a Marvel Studios project. Co-director Qui Nguyen revealed his own interest in directing an animated Agents of Atlas project.

Star Wars is another perfect opportunity for Union, given the number of projects being launched across film and streaming on Disney+. Her voice-acting work on the pulpy action of Strange World would lend her the experience she would need to bring to animated series like The Bad Batch, for example.

Hopefully, with Gabrielle Union achieving one of her dreams come true with Strange World, the doors will open for her to the wider world of Disney franchises.