Gabrielle Union Wants To Make A Sequel To Her Best Movie

Gabrielle Union is interested in the prospect of a new sequel to her iconic movie Bring It On and would like to play a mother.

By Joshua Jones | Published

Perhaps one of actress Gabrielle Union’s most cherished movies is 2000’s Bring It On, which co-starred the recently married Kirsten Dunst and was directed by Ant-Man‘s Peyton Reed. The comedy focused on rival high school cheerleader captains preparing to enter the national competition. The actress recently discussed potentially coming back for a sequel.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Union was asked about the rumors of her involvement in a potential sequel to the cult classic cheerleader film. While Union kept things close to the vest, she did share that ideas have been floating around the writer’s room. She added that she’s been hearing some cool ideas over the years from “big-name writers,” whom she didn’t name.

“I’ve heard many takes over the years, but I’m hearing some really great takes from some big-name writers that are very surprising. Bring It On, baby. The gift that keeps on giving.”

Bright It On was released back on August 25th, 2000. The film became one of Gabrielle Union’s breakout hits after her appearance in Love & Basketball. The film earned a worldwide gross of approximately $90 million on a budget of roughly $11 million.

Gabrielle Union has fueled rumors of a potential sequel over the past month on Twitter. She recently shared a tweet celebrating the film’s 22nd anniversary of its theatrical release. The actress also stated she’d be open to a storyline in which her character, Iris, is now the mother taking care of a daughter who wants to become a cheerleader.

Bring It On

Gabrielle Union’s cult classic helped spawn several direct-to-video sequels. The first one, Bright It On Again, was released four years after the original and featured actresses Anne Judson-Yager and Faune A. Chambers in the starring roles. In addition to spawning several sequels, the original film was ranked #30 on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the 50 Best High School Movies.

The success of the original film even inspired a stage musical that premiered at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2011. The production was nominated for eight Suzi Bass Awards and won Best Musical at the Atlanta Theater Fan Awards. Despite the film’s success, actress Gabrielle Union managed to carve out a career beyond the franchise.

After appearing in Bright It On, Gabrielle Union starred in numerous other franchises, including Bad Boys, Think Like A Man, Cheaper By The Dozen, and more. Outside of the film industry, Union has written four books and was included on Time’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2020. She is also an outspoken advocate for women’s health.

Although a return to the Bring It On franchise may be perceived as taking a step back by some fans, Gabrielle Union certainly seems down for a return. The industry relies heavily on nostalgia and tapping into what film and TV viewers remember most about the 80s and the 90s. Even Legally Blond is returning with Reese Witherspoon reprising her role as Elle.

It definitely wouldn’t be out of the question to see an actress of Gabrielle Union’s caliber return to a fan-favorite franchise. The actress recently finished production on the upcoming Netflix romantic comedy, The Perfect Find. She’s also doing a voice for Walt Disney Animation’s Strange World.

Gabrielle Union also recently relaunched her haircare brand, Flawless, which was recognized as Brand of the Year at the 2022 Daytime Beauty Awards. While the actress is definitely busy, that doesn’t mean a return to East Compton is out of the question.