Fox Announces Renewals, Which Shows Are Getting Canceled?

Fox announces renewals including for Accused, Alert: Missing Persons Unit, and The Cleaning Lady.

By Britta DeVore | Updated


As we head out of the chilliness of winter and into the warm arms of spring and summer, it’s that time of the year for networks like NBC and The CW to announce what shows will be returning and which ones are getting the axe. Not making their audiences wait for some of its big reveals, Fox has made moves to start the renewal rollout. Deadline reports that a slew of fan favorites including new productions including Accused and Alert: Missing Persons Unit will see their sophomore seasons play out at the network while The Cleaning Lady moves towards a third season installment.

In what will come as a no shock to their loyal fanbases, Fox has announced that they’ll continue to move forward with long-running animated classics, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Bob’s Burgers. Still blowing our minds with their predictions now over three decades since the pilot episode, The Simpsons will be moving into its 35th season while Family Guy will continue the laughs for its 22nd season. Flipping burgers since 2011, Bob’s Burgers continues with both its 14th and 15th seasons renewed by Fox. 

Still up in the air, Fox hasn’t made any moves on whether the popular Rob Lowe-led series 9-1-1: Lone Star will be coming back along with its origin series, the six-season running 9-1-1. With some of the biggest names in Hollywood attached to the call sheet, Peter Krause and the Oscar-nominated Angela Bassett have been doing their thing on the popular series that follows the lives of first responders called to action for incredibly devastating events. With huge star power comes an equally gigantic payout, meaning that depending on their finances, Fox could be pulling the plug and putting a do-not-resuscitate order on 9-1-1


There’s also the network’s reboot of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s series Fantasy Island which is waiting on the green light for its third season at Fox while live-action comedy Animal Control will most likely receive a second season pickup. The Joel McHale-led series was an immediate hit with audiences following its midseason launch and seems to be a shoo-in for a full sophomore season order. There’s also the case of comedies Call Me Kat or Welcome to Flatch which are also both waiting on that call from the network to have their fates revealed. 

As for the already renewed shows, the weekly anthology series Accused was a hit among Fox fans who have enjoyed tuning in week after week to see stars like Rachel Bilson and Abigail Breslin take the stand in an unfolding chain of events that led to a criminal court proceeding. With directors including Billy Porter and Marlee Matlin, the series has kept its head above water by keeping audiences intrigued with each week’s episode. Staying in the same vein as hits like CSI, Alert: Missing Persons Unit is a popular new procedural series that takes audiences inside the mysterious cases of a missing persons unit.

Like many other networks, there’s no doubt that Fox will be watching their budget as they decide what stays and what goes. With live-action projects costing more than ever to make, it will be interesting to see what the network makes their major decisions in the upcoming weeks.