Fan-Favorite Netflix Series Breaks A Huge Record On Netflix

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

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The second season of the fan-favorite series, Bridgerton, is going well on Netflix. How well? Well, it has been reported that Bridgerton Season 2 has now broken a massive record on the streaming platform. During the past seven days, Bridgerton has become the highest-viewed English-language series on the platform. Based on show metrics, the second season has garnered 251.7 million hours watched. This is the largest number for English-language shows.

On top of Bridgerton Season 2 achieving such high viewership, it has also resulted in the first season rocketing up by an additional 53 million hours watched. The second season had 193 million hours watched on opening weekend but added even more viewership in its first full week of viewing. The series premiered on March 25 but has since become one of the most viewed on Netflix. It also remained in the top 10 in a whopping 93 countries. Those are some serious numbers. These are huge gains for English-language shows on the streaming platform. The current overall record still belongs to Squid Game though. The series brought in a whopping 571.8 million hours viewed in the week of September 27th. The non-English series stayed in the top 10 for Netflix from September to January 17th.

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While Bridgerton Season 2 has only half of those numbers, it still sits at the top of English-speaking ventures for Netflix. With the show sitting in the #1 spot currently for a lot of countries, it could see even more viewership in the next week, possibly breaking its own record. The new season follows Viscount Anthony Bridgerton as he looks for love. He is set to marry Edwina Sharma, but her headstrong sister does not think that they are a match for one another. Edwina’s sister, Kate, believes Anthony to be marrying out of obligation rather than love, something that Edwina claims she will not do. She will only marry for love. The newest season sees the scandal, duty, and desire all collide with Anthony Bridgerton and his apparent marriage to Edwina. Kate might also be in love with Anthony herself, so it could be just her wanting to sabotage things and make Anthony fall for her.

The scandal-focused Bridgerton Season 2 is clearly going over well with fans as it has hit that milestone record on Netflix. The series is currently #1 in most countries on Netflix. The sophomore season also holds a 78% “certified fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with a slightly higher audience rating of 81%. The new season is said to still be provocative in nature and entertaining though it doesn’t quite measure up to its predecessor. Based on the viewership record and the ratings, it seems as if the show is doing just fine.

Bridgerton Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix, and fans of the series can catch up on all eight episodes of the new season. The hit series will be ongoing as Netflix announced backing April of 2021 that season three and season four have already been agreed upon. While the second season has just ended, it may be some time until the third premieres on the streaming platform. Based on the release schedule so far, we are likely not to see the third season until spring of 2023.