Exclusive: T’Pol, Phlox, And Other Star Trek: Enterprise Characters Are Coming Back

The crew of Star Trek: Enterprise are coming back.

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The Star Trek franchise has had many ups and downs over the course of fifty-five years. It has gone through so many different iterations that some are bound to be more popular than others. As such, some projects have maintained their pop culture cache while others have been mostly forgotten by the mainstream. It is fair to say that Star Trek: Enterprise is one of the lesser appreciated entries in the property’s expansive canon. Airing for four seasons, the series was not widely appreciated in its time and has not been able to retain the kind of legacy that many other shows in the franchise have managed to cultivate. While a series like Deep Space Nine has gone through a massive reappraisal in recent years, Enterprise has failed to invite such a fresh look at its characters and stories.

That could very well change as Giant Freakin Robot has obtained exclusive information from one of our trusted and proven insider sources that the Star Trek franchise is looking to bring back a number of characters from Enterprise in new shows. We have already reported that the series is planning to bring back Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer and it looks like that is going to expand even further to other memorable cast members from Enterprise. Specifically, we hear that there is significant interest in bringing back characters like T’Pol, Dr. Phlox, and other members from the Enterprise part of the franchise. Discussions are currently happening at CBS/Paramount.

It certainly seems like Star Trek is going to mine as much of its past as it possibly can. So much of this new era of the series is relying on resurrecting characters from previous iterations. We have Strange New Worlds giving Captain Christopher Pike and Spock their own show, Prodigy bringing back Kathryn Janeway as a main character, and Picard grabbing anyone it can along the way. Even Lower Decks, which started out as mostly new characters, will be giving some of the spotlight over to Captain William Riker in its second season. We have even heard that the powers-that-be are trying to get Avery Brooks back as Benjamin Sisko. The game plan over at Paramount is clearly to dig up every piece of the franchise it can and try to forge something new out of old parts.

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So, it makes total sense why Star Trek: Enterprise would be subjected to the same treatment by the studio. However, this might be the one series that could actually use a bit of revitalization. Why the show and its characters certainly have their supporters, there is no arguing that Enterprise is the least celebrated show in the franchise as far as the “classic” era of Star Trek is concerned. While all the other series have managed to maintain some kind of significant support in the fandom, Enterprise has been mostly forgotten or discarded at this point. Bringing back some of the characters from Enterprise would give them the opportunity to shine outside of that series and possibly demonstrate just how good they could be when used for better stories.

We could not confirm just what projects the studio wants to bring these characters back in, but there is no question that some sort of revival is being discussed. Will Star Trek fans be enthusiastic to see these characters on their screens one more time? We will simply have to wait and see.

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