Exclusive: New Muppet Series Characters And Story Revealed

In the latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive, we have some new insight into the characters for the Muppet series and how the story will unfold

By Doug Norrie | Updated

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The Muppets are such an iconic institution at this point, able to span multiple generations through their unique characters and hilariously lovable nature, that it stands to reason we will be seeing them in some fashion for the rest of our lives. It’s almost heartwarming to know that these folks will be around for years to come. And there are more concrete plans for new stories starting to take shape around these characters. The latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive from our trusted and proven source has some very specific details about the new Muppet series and what we can expect from the planned Disney+ show. 

In our first description of the Muppet series which is planned for Disney+, it looks like the main focus is going to be on the music industry, and how the landscape has changed since these iconic characters were first introduced. The show will hone in on a band of Muppets, possibly Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem, who have been together for some time now, touring like crazy. But in this updated story, it’s time for them to actually sit down and record their first studio album. In the current music environment, it looks like this is going to be easier said than done. 

That’s where some of the other new characters come into this planned Muppet series. It looks like some of the main, non-Muppet cast will be two sisters who are at different stages of their life regarding fame and their overall careers. One of them is Hannah, a social media star and influencer who has created something of an online empire through her wildly successful make-up videos. She has a group of rabid followers flocking to her online, making her one of the modern-day celebrities who got there through less-than-conventional means. 

And along with Hannah in this new Muppet series will be her older sister Nora. The latter, at one time, was an up-and-coming music executive who had to put her plans on hold to raise Nora. But now that her sister has become a viral sensation, and is also all grown up, Nora is setting her sights back on the music industry. It looks like she is going to be the one managing and helping this Muppets’ group get into the studio and make it happen for an album after all this time. Oh, and there is another recurring guest star Lyle, who will be a tech entrepreneur. He started on the geekish side but is now anything but. Lyle definitely has eyes on getting back together with his ex-girlfriend Nora. 

Again, details of this new Muppet series on Disney+ are still taking shape, but it definitely looks like it will be focused on our current times, bringing the iconic characters into a world that is influenced by social media and a shifting musical landscape. The old ways are going the way of the dinosaur, something the Muppets will surely figure out. And it sure looks like Doctor Teeth & the Electric Mayhem who made their original debut all the way back in 1975 on The Muppet Show will be at the forefront of the transition. This could really be a hilarious premise, especially if we get to see Animal figuring out how to navigate a social media landscape.