Exclusive: Keanu Reeves To Team With Timothée Chalamet For A Horror Movie

Keanu Reeves and Timothée Chalamet are being eyed for a new horror movie.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Keanu Reeves has more than established himself as one of the premier genre actors in the history of popular American cinema. He has been able to deliver a number of memorable roles across the board in a variety of different genres, but one that he hasn’t been as consistently solid in is playing a role in a horror movie. He has certainly been in plenty of horror movies – the enjoyable Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the befuddling Knock Knock, the well-made The Devil’s Advocate, the forgettable The Watcher, and the awesome Constantine – but it has only been on a few occasions where he has managed to leave his distinct and entertaining imprint on the genre. It would be great to see him put his name to a horror movie that would be as impacting as many of his other great genre roles. And thanks to some exclusive information obtained by Giant Freakin Robot, it sounds like we might just be getting our wish.

According to our trusted inside source – the same one that has provided Giant Freakin Robot with multiple confirmed exclusive scoops that have included the reveal that Bruce Wayne’s parents will be evil in Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, Bruce Campbell will appear for a cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and that Monica Rambeau will be one of the main characters in the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion – Keanu Reeves is being eyed to star in The Hunter and the Fox, a horror-thriller that is currently in development from Annapurna Pictures. The story centers around a young teenage boy who is traveling to the French Alps to spend time with his father after his parents have divorced. The father (this is the role Reeves is being considered for) has begun an affair with a French-Algerian tour guide. Feeling displaced, the teenage boy ends up befriending a young man who begins to exert a very bad influence on the boy. There ends up being a supernatural element to the story but we don’t want to spoil that here.

Keanu Reeves is not the only major actor that the studio is interested in. They also want Timothée Chalamet to play the role of the young man that begins to exert his influence on the boy. It sounds like Chalamet would be something of a villainous presence in the movie, and it would be very cool to see him stretch those particular acting muscles. So far, his career has mostly consisted of romantic and heroic leads. Seeing him play an antagonistic character would be a treat. Plus, it could mean that both Timothée Chalamet and Keanu Reeves would get to share some screen time. That alone sounds like an extremely appealing reason for the project to move forward.

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If Keanu Reeves does sign on the dotted line for The Hunter and the Fox, it looks like this could be positioned as a potential awards contender. The project is being compared to the works of Stanley Kubrick, so we assume that the studio wants to sell this along the lines of The Shining. That is obviously the most notable horror film in Stanley Kubrick’s filmography and looks to be a tonal inspiration for the story and how it would be executed and presented to audiences. Many movies have tried to emulate the same kind of eerie atmosphere of Kubrick’s The Shining. If The Hunter and the Fox is able to successfully capture that same kind of energy, it could end up being something really special. And with actors like Keanu Reeves and Timothée Chalamet being eyed for such prominent roles, it definitely feels like Annapurna Pictures wants this to feel like a prestigious piece of horror cinema.

We should reiterate that Keanu Reeves and Timothée Chalamet have yet to fully attach themselves to The Hunter and the Fox, but it is very clear that the studio wants them for the roles and is actively pursuing them. If we hear any updates about their commitment to the film, we will make sure to update you here. Until then, we will be anxiously awaiting The Hunter and the Fox as the film that could give Keanu Reeves the best horror film in his storied and celebrated film career.