Exclusive: Guillermo del Toro Eyed For Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie

By Faith McKay | 4 months ago

guillermo del toro marvel

Guillermo del Toro has proven his chops as a filmmaker with Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim, The Shape of Water, and his most recent work, Nightmare Alley. He’s known for bringing beautiful horror stories to the screen with monsters designed in ways that audiences don’t see anywhere else. What will he do next? A trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot shares that Guillermo del Toro is being eyed by Marvel to direct one of their darker stories.

Our source says that Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel, is interested in bringing on Guillermo del Toro to direct a Marvel Cinematic Universe project. He would like to see the director work on one of their horror-based projects. Our source specifically cited projects like Ghost Rider and Man-Thing, however, Feige isn’t firm on it being one of those specifically.

This is still in the very early stages. It’s incredibly interesting that this is an idea the studio is considering though. What would a Guillermo del Toro Marvel movie look like? If del Toro directed a Ghost Rider story, what would the iconic Johnny Blaze look like? It’s fair to say that it would look wildly different from the more campy style seen in the Nicolas Cage movies.

Alternatively, is there anyone better to bring Man-Thing to the screen? As a director, he’s made beings that look like monsters become incredibly human for the audience. Somehow, del Toro told a love story between a water-based being and a human woman in The Shape of Water and made it entirely believable, relatable, and Oscar-worthy.

marvel man-thing

Man-Thing is a humanoid monster from the Florida swamps. He’s something of a cult classic, which seems like fair territory for a Guillermo del Toro Marvel project. Technically Man-Thing had a movie in 2005, before the days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it was small-scale and not something many have seen. It’s fair to say that Guillermo del Toro’s vision, with a Marvel budget, would do something incredible with Man-Thing.

Ghost Rider is a project that fans have been waiting for. Nicolas Cage has played the antihero with the moniker Johnny Blaze. The title was also taken up by another character (Robbie Reyes) in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel has yet to announce that Ghost Rider is in the works and coming soon, but it’s something we hear from our source is being put together.

As the beloved cinematic universe moves into darker stories, they’re going to need respected directors who can really walk the line of the MCU vision that audiences have come to know while also making characters like Ghost Rider as badass as they can be. Is Guillermo del Toro the right director to make that happen for Marvel? Does the director have an interest in making that happen? We don’t have these answers, but hearing that Marvel is looking in del Toro’s direction is certainly interesting and gives a picture for where it is that the studio sees their future darker stories going.