Exclusive: Daniel Craig Wanted For Marvel Villain Role

We've exclusively learned that Marvel wants Daniel Craig to play a villain in their movies.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

daniel craig marvel villain

What’s next for Daniel Craig? His run as James Bond has finally come to an end. He’s filmed Knives Out 2 and has already signed on for a third. But what else will keep the star busy now that this huge chapter in his life has closed? Thanks to some work from one of our trusted and proven inside sources, we’ve exclusively learned that Kevin Feige wants Daniel Craig for a Marvel Cinematic Universe role, specifically as a villain.

Marvel has wanted to get Daniel Craig on board for a long time. It’s been made known that they’ve talked to him about specific roles in the past. The roles we know about have been heroic ones, so this turn toward Craig playing a villain is a new direction for the studio. Villains are often complex and interesting, which should hopefully entice Daniel Craig as a seasoned actor. Unfortunately, we were unable to confirm what role they want the actor for. It can be assumed that it will be a large one after they’ve spent so much time working to bring the actor into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It would seem like Kevin Feige wants to use Daniel Craig for the best attention-grabbing role possible.

There are a lot of known movies that Marvel could currently be casting Daniel Craig for, and ones that fans just have hopes for. For example, they’ll need to be casting a villain for Fantastic Four. There is already work happening on Captain America 4. Characters like Doctor Doom are often talked about as possible future characters. On top of all that, the X-Men are coming.

daniel craig marvel villain

Fan casting campaigns have put Daniel Craig in the role of Magneto in the past. Currently, news around how Marvel will handle the X-Men characters is sparse. The studio doesn’t seem to be in a hurry, or they’re keeping their secrets very well on this particular topic. Whatever the case, fans have wanted to see Daniel Craig as Magneto for a long time and much fanart has been made in attempts to bring that vision to life. Knowing that they want the actor for a role as a villain makes this dream seem a lot closer. Of course, it’s rare that fan casting campaigns come to life. That would make his casting as Magneto all that much more special for fans.

A month ago, we exclusively let you know that Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, was talking to Daniel Craig about roles for the studio’s cinematic universe. At the time, it sounded like Feige was throwing hero roles at the star. Specifically, they were hopeful that they could get the star involved as Wonder Man, though even then, they weren’t stuck on that role. This wasn’t the first time that Marvel tried to get Daniel Craig on board. Back in 2008, before there was truly a cinematic universe, Kevin Feige wanted the actor to play Thor. When asked why he turned it down, the actor said that playing both James Bond and Thor was too much for his ego.

Clearly, Marvel is on board with getting Daniel Craig in the right Marvel role for him. Hopefully, a villain will be the right ticket.