Exclusive: The Next Alien Movie Will Change Their Color

By Drew Dietsch | 2 months ago

alien xenomorph

The Alien series has done a whole lot with its titular monster over the last 40+ years. Throughout movies, comic books, and video games, the creature has gone through countless permutations that have been both intriguing and off-putting. However, the original version of the beast still remains an iconic movie monster and we doubt that is going to change no matter what direction the franchise decides to take in the future. And it turns out that we at Giant Freakin Robot have managed to nab some exclusive information about what design tactic the next film in the series is planning to take with the landmark creature.

Thanks to one of our trusted and proven insider sources, we have discovered that the Alien series is planning to feature white xenomorphs in the next movie. What is interesting is that we have seen a number of different types of white xenomorphs in the franchise before. The last film, Alien: Covenant, prominently featured the Neomorph which was a concept that was originally set to appear in Prometheus. It seems like the idea of white xenomorphs is one that continues to pop up and will now be getting a major push in the next feature film. We were not able to confirm if this would also be integrated into the upcoming television series on Hulu, but our info seems to point towards this only being utilized for the next movie in the Alien franchise.

alien neomorph

But our info does not stop there. Our source also told us that the next Alien movie is planning to have bigger monsters as well. We weren’t able to learn anything more than that, but it does sound like the next movie wants to once again introduce new variants to the monster that we have seen throughout the series. While the movies have certainly showcased a variety of xenomorphs, we have yet to see a film that gives us a true spectrum of hybrids that we see in things like the classic Kenner toys line. Will we get to see more wild takes like the Bull Alien or the Snake Alien? Just how nutty is the series willing to get now that it is under the auspices of Disney? We have to imagine that the reception to the upcoming Hulu series could help shape what creative direction the Mouse house decides to take with this storied property.

We do have to ask the question: what will it take to make the Alien scary once again? One of the reasons the classic 1979 film was so effective had to do with the fact that the extraterrestrial designs we saw from H.R. Giger felt truly unknown at the time. It looked like nothing we had seen in mainstream film up to that point. To be a little corny, it felt alien. But now, the designs and directions for the series shave become extremely commonplace. The monster has even shown up in Fortnite at this point. What exactly will be the creative decision that brings back a genuine sense of unease to the monster? Will a color change help that in some way? We’ll find out once this new movie gets on the screen.