Eva Mendes Responds To Accusation That She Got Plastic Surgery

Eva Mendes took exception to a comment on one of her social media posts and was quick to make sure the troll wasn't taken seriously

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Eva Mendes, at one time, was one of the hottest (literally and figuratively) actresses in Hollywood, taking roles in major films and stealing scenes whenever she stepped in front of the camera. Those days are somewhat behind her these days, though she still enjoys legions of fans. But recently one of those fans tailed a social media post by Mendes and it rankled the actress more than a little bit. She clapped back at an accusation and made it pretty clear why she wasn’t active on social media much anymore. After this incident, she likely won’t be around much more going forward. 

The incident in question involved a post Eva Mendes made to wish a friend a happy birthday. An innocent enough gesture, right? This was that post:

Well, fans and others started commenting with someone questioning why the actress and model wasn’t too active on Instagram anymore. That led to someone else chiming in with this response:

She’s had work done and I don’t think she’s happy with it… she was beautiful without.”

Now, this person likely doesn’t know anything about Eva Mendes, but trolls are going to troll and sometimes even the most throwaway comments elicit a response. And this one most definitely did. Mendes responded with this:

I’m not sure why I’m answering you but here I go. I’m posting less because I really want to be present for my family. My little ones need me and posting takes up too much time. As far as getting work done, I’ll do that whenever I please. But no, that’s not the reason. The reason is I personally cannot juggle family and social media. So -big shocker- I choose family. Lotsa love to you out there.”

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One can see that Eva Mendes was likely a little hesitant to descend into the mire when it comes to comments like this. Though she likely wanted to nip this in the bud, so to speak. And her comments line up with her recent life choices and focus on family life over acting these days. The actress has made a definitive choice in how she’s choosing to spend her time presently and most of it involves staying out of the public eye when possible. 

If you’ve been following Eva Mendes’s career, you know that she’s been out of the acting game for more than eight years now. Her last film credit was back in 2014 with Lost River. This wasn’t because the studios stopped calling, but rather Mendes purposefully chose to step away from her acting career to focus almost exclusively on her family as well as a fashion line. 

Eva Mendes met Ryan Gosling on the set of The Place Beyond the Pines two years prior in 2011 (her second-to-last role) and the two almost immediately fell in love. They have been together ever since and it was around this time that they chose to start having children. When this happened, as Mendes references in her post, she made the definitive choice to raise a family and remove herself from the acting game. 

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It’s from this perspective that one can understand why Eva Mendes would want to quickly remove any speculation about why she’s focused on staying out of the limelight.  And it would explain her not choosing to post on her social media accounts all that often either. It’s a conscious choice and if he’s focused on body image issues when raising young children, it makes sense to want to ensure others aren’t making that part of the conversation. Though it likely wasn’t something she wanted to do, it’s a solid move to take a concise and thoughtful approach to when a “fan” posts something untrue.