Emily Blunt On Whether Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Is Still Being Made

Emily Blunt recently shared what she knows about the sequel's future.

By Faith McKay | Updated

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Is Live, Die, Repeat and Repeat still happening? Previously, Doug Liman, the filmmaker responsible for the first Edge of Tomorrow film, has given fans reason to hope. He has posted photos on Instagram of whiteboards claiming to hold the keys to the script. He wouldn’t work on a script for no reason, right? The issue, he has claimed, is getting everyone’s schedules together. Once the lead actors have an opening in their schedules, he’s promised it would happen. However, Emily Blunt has a slightly different take. On a recent episode of The Howard Stern Show, she agreed that aligning schedules is difficult. She also said that Edge of Tomorrow 2 would likely just cost too much money to make happen.

Edge of Tomorrow is one of those movies that has become more popular post-release. It did well at the box office, by most standards, though likely not for a Tom Cruise film. At the time, audiences didn’t know Emily Blunt as well as they do today, so her star power wasn’t as strong. And this movie is a little bit different; it was probably hard to market. It didn’t really find a strong fandom at the time of release. Many of the fans who want to see a sequel happen today saw the first one at home, not in theaters. Since its 2014 release, this action sci-fi movie has built up a following that seems strong enough to get the kind of numbers a studio would want, but that’s likely more obvious to fans who want a sequel than it is to a studio itself.

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The first Edge of Tomorrow movie used the Groundhog Day trope, where the day is repeating. The twist here is that this is an action movie where Tom Cruise is fighting aliens. The day restarts every time the aliens win and take him out. This was a fun sci-fi action movie and the studio really backed it the first time around. They put down more than $100 million budget. Emily Blunt told The Howard Stern Show that she was understandably nervous coming onto the big-budget set for a Tom Cruise movie. She also said that she had prepared herself for a boys club, but was surprised to find that she was fully embraced on set. She said the experience gave her more confidence in the projects she took on after this movie. Since she still expresses that she would be interested in a sequel, it clearly meant a lot to her at this point in her career.

At the box office, Edge of Tomorrow earned $370 million worldwide. Those are great numbers. However, they’re not Mission Impossible numbers. The most recent movie in that franchise earned $791 million at the worldwide box office. With how much money the studio put down on the first Edge of Tomorrow, they likely believed the Tom Cruise film would see greater returns. With so many years now passed, it’s easy to believe that the studio has moved on, even if fans and director Doug Liman have not.

Is Emily Blunt correct? Is it just unlikely that the studio will back a sequel at this point with enough money to get a Tom Cruise action film off the ground? It’s true that the movie has built more of a following over time, and Blunt’s starpower has also grown immensely. Perhaps she’s wrong and the studio will see the value in that. Or at least, fans can hope.