The Emilia Clark Crime Thriller On Netflix Based On A Real Murder

By Steven Nelson | Published

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Prepare yourself for a gripping voyage into the murky depths of crime and betrayal as Netflix brings you Above Suspicion, featuring the stellar Emilia Clarke, known for her iconic role as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. In a dramatic shift from the fantasy lands of Westeros, Clarke immerses herself in the gritty reality of a scandal-ridden small town in Kentucky. 

This electrifying crime thriller, rooted in a haunting true story, promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, unraveling a dark tale of passion, deceit, and tragedy. Witness Emilia Clarke in a role that showcases her immense versatility and prowess as an actor, steering clear from dragons and stepping into a world where the dangers are far too real.

Emilia Clarke stars in Above Suspicion streaming on Netflix

Above Suspicion recounts the harrowing true story that shocked a small Kentucky town, spotlighting Emilia Clarke in a powerfully raw and drastically different role. The narrative orbits around Susan Smith (played with unflinching boldness by Clarke), a young woman mired in poverty and desperate to escape the confines of her grim surroundings.

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The film poignantly unveils Susan’s complex entanglement with Mark Putnam, an FBI agent portrayed by Jack Huston, who arrives in town on a mission to dismantle a significant criminal operation.

As the first FBI agent to be convicted of homicide, Putnam’s descent into the chaotic world of crime and passion serves as the focal point of the narrative. The storyline further compounds the human drama with an ensemble cast including Sophie Lowe, who adds layers to the complex emotional terrain as Susan’s sister, and Johnny Knoxville, who portrays a local drug dealer with vested interests in the community. 

This film, directed by Philip Noyce, navigates the blurred lines between duty and personal desires, shining a spotlight on the tragic ramifications of an illicit affair that spiraled uncontrollably, leading to an eventual tragic murder.

Drawing upon the non-fiction book by Joe Sharkey, the movie weaves a chilling tale that explores the darkest corners of human nature and the devastating consequences of actions led by desperation and deceit.

Emilia Clarke breathes life into Susan Smith, offering a portrait of a woman trapped in a cycle of abuse and poverty, yearning for a way out, even if it means venturing down a dangerous path that threatens to consume her.

Emilia Clarke Was  Daenerys Targaryen On Game Of Thrones

After basking in the global limelight as Daenerys Targaryen, the dragon-commanding, power-wielding queen in the epic television series Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke embarked on various endeavors to diversify her acting portfolio, taking on roles that starkly contrast her portrayal of the powerful yet tragic ruler.

Above Suspicion represents a significant departure from the mythical landscapes of Westeros, offering Clarke an avenue to explore a more gritty and grounded character in Susan Smith.

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Released in 2019, this crime thriller emerged as an important career transition for Clarke, allowing her to immerse herself in the challenging nuances of portraying a real person with a devastating life story.

This movie showcases Clarke’s depth and range as an actress, illustrating her ability to navigate the complexities of a character trapped in a web of deceit, desperation, and tragedy.

Released in 2019, Above Suspicion came after her run on the popular series

Transitioning from a character as iconic as Daenerys was no small feat; however, Clarke has embraced the opportunity with grace and determination, proving her prowess and flexibility in the world of cinema.

In Above Suspicion, audiences witness a new facet of Clarke’s talent, showcasing a promising trajectory in her acting career, with a willingness to take on roles that are both challenging and diverse.¬†

This chapter in her career demonstrates Clarke’s intent to continually evolve as an artist, taking bold steps in new directions and proving her mettle as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Above Suspicion stands as a testament to Emilia Clarke’s prowess in adopting varied and complex roles, proving that her stint as Daenerys was just the beginning of a rich and diverse acting journey. Clarke’s portrayal of Susan Smith peels back layers of vulnerability and desperation, offering a harrowing glance into a life fraught with danger and desperation. 

As Above Suspicion streams on Netflix, viewers are invited to witness a gripping narrative anchored by Clarke’s transformative performance, a gripping beacon in her continually blossoming career.