Elizabeth Olsen Gives A Crucial Update On Scarlet Witch

By Tristan Zelden | 2 months ago

elizabeth olsen scarlet witch

WandaVision, ending earlier this year, has left the door wide open for Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch. While we know the series is a bridge for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the consequences of her actions by holding an entire town in New Jersey hostage in a nightmarish sitcom. She took to give some perspective on this on Vanity Fair’s Little Gold Men podcast.

“Like, she just did something that makes her a criminal. So, in my mind, the next step in her life is this new sense of identity, of knowing the acts that she committed and her own accountability of it,” Elizabeth Olsen said.

She went into detail about how the Avenger should be on the run. With agencies like SWORD, she needs to set herself away from the world to avoid getting in trouble. It is something seen before, like how half of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes became criminals in the eyes of the government after Captain America: Civil War. So, by the end of WandaVision, we see her studying her book of magic to further her powers with her new moniker as the Scarlet Witch, her comic book superhero name that has been omitted from the Marvel Cinematic Universe up to this point.

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Her next outing as the iconic superhero will arrive next year with the second Doctor Strange. Elizabeth Olsen joins Benedict Cumberbatch on an adventure that will be a different direction for the franchise. It will be the first horror for Marvel Studios, and it will be helmed by director Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead) with Loki writer Michael Waldron. Debuting as a writer is Jade Halley Bartlett. Originally, Scott Derrickson (Sinister), who directed the first film, was set to return but split from the project over “creative differences.” He did praise his replacement by saying he is “one of the nicest people” he has known in the industry.

The plot of the sorcerer supreme’s next adventure is being kept under wraps. Based on the ending of WandaVision, Elizabeth Olsen will be learning a thing or two from the ex-surgeon turned superhero and guardian of reality. We do know it will somehow tie into Loki, which is currently running for six episodes every Wednesday, and Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is set to release this December.

So far, in the latest phase of the franchise, the multiverse has been playing an important role with it being planted back in Spider-Man: Far From Home and being a heavy aspect of the plot of Loki. The second Doctor Strange will further explore this in a darker, horror-leaning manner. What it means for the grander plan that Kevin Feige and his team are planning is unknown. It is unconfirmed to take a pivotal place in the next saga since Thanos’ demise.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will hit theaters on March 25, 2022. Elizabeth Olsen and Benedict Cumberbatch will be joined by Benedict Wong and Chiwetel Ejiofor from the first film. WandaVision and other Marvel shows are streaming on Disney Plus.