Elizabeth Olsen’s Next Appearance As Scarlet Witch Revealed?

By Faith McKay | 4 weeks ago

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Elizabeth Olsen has been said to be a major player in Phase 4 for Marvel. So which movies is she going to appear in? We know she’s set up for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. She’s said is excited for the Wandavision part of that. But while rumors spread and people continue to speculate on Spider-Man 3 and other films, no one is confirming where else we’ll be seeing her, though it seems firm that we will see her somewhere. One movie that is getting a great deal of attention and speculation these days is Captain America 4. While much has been rumored for that movie, one brand new piece of information from sources for We Got This Covered says that Scarlet Witch will be appearing in Captain America 4.

Their sources don’t say how large of a role Scarlet Witch would play in the movie, but that the studio is currently in talks with Elizabeth Olsen. What can we take away from that? What does this piece of news mean for Captain America 4, Scarlet Witch, and the greater picture for Phase 4 as a whole if this information proves true? If the studio is really having conversations about casting Olsen in a role for the movie without knowing how much of a role she may have. This is a particularly strange part of what they’re hearing, because while Captain America 4 is still a ways off, you would think that Marvel would know more about how big of a role the different characters will be playing in that film. They’ve been building toward Captain America 4, starring Anthony Mackie, in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

If they’re discussing the possibility of putting Elizabeth Olsen in Captain America 4, but not sure how big her role would be, it sounds like they probably have a story arc for Scarlet Witch that they are trying to place throughout several movies building toward something else. It also suggests that while they’ve been working on the main plot for Captain America 4, they don’t have the greater picture of the whole story set for that movie yet.

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We’ve been hearing rumors about multiple Captain Americas set for the film, but it seems like any and all rumors could be true at this point if this rumor is a reflection of where they’re at in the process. They’re still brainstorming. Anything could happen, including Elizabeth Olsen’s appearance. Currently, there is no release date set for Captain America 4. We’re speculating that it could come out in 2024. There are several movies we’ll be seeing before then, so it seems likely that they want to leave some of the plot open at this point. That way, it leaves more room for the writers in the movies we still have coming to have some fun and unexpected things happen that may affect Captain America 4.

So what do we make of this rumor? More conversations are likely happening. We Got This Covered says that their sources were confident that the conversation was in play, but that no one knows what will happen. That sounds about right. We’ll have to wait and see how those conversations play out for Elizabeth Olsen and how her character appears in the other Marvel Cinematic Universe films up to the release of Captain America 4. Still, it is interesting that this movie in particular has their attention for Scarlet Witch. How do they see her arc playing out over the next several movies? What are their plans for her that could relate into the events for Captain America 4? Where will Scarlet Witch be in her journey by the time we get there?