The Dwayne Johnson Fantasy Adventure On Netflix Needs A Real Sequel

By Steven Nelson | Published

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Step into the ancient world of high adventure with The Scorpion King, where Dwayne Johnson flexes his muscles in his first leading role. This spin-off prequel to The Mummy series showcases Johnson’s early charm and the raw charisma that would catapult him to Hollywood stardom.

With a mix of sword-swinging action, tongue-in-cheek humor, and a dash of sorcery, The Scorpion King is a throwback to the era of larger-than-life heroes. Grab your popcorn and prepare for a rollicking ride through the desert sands, now streaming on Netflix.

Dwayne Johnson Stars In The Scorpion King

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In the sweeping sands of the ancient world emerges The Scorpion King, a tale steeped in legend and driven by vengeance. Dwayne Johnson stars as Mathayus, the last of the Akkadian mercenaries.

He is a fierce warrior embarking on a perilous quest for retribution against the evil king Memnon, played with sinister charm by Steven Brand.

Memnon, a tyrant with aspirations of conquest, harnesses the psychic powers of a sorceress, Cassandra, portrayed by Kelly Hu, to predict his victories.

Mathayus, armed with brawn, wit, and a pinch of roguish luck, must navigate treacherous landscapes, rebel forces, and supernatural threats to assassinate Memnon and halt his reign of terror.

There’s Action And Romance In This Movie

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As alliances form and betrayals come to light, Mathayus’s journey is one of both literal and figurative transformation—from vengeful assassin to a leader destined for greatness.

His path is fraught with battles against fierce warriors, mystical creatures, and ultimately, the confrontation with his nemesis. In the balance hangs the freedom of the oppressed peoples of the desert and the fate of the ancient world.

The narrative weaves action, romance, and fantasy to showcase Dwayne Johnson’s early ascent as a cinematic hero, all set against the backdrop of a mythic and merciless desert.

Dwayne Johnson Didn’t Return To The Scorpion King 2

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The success of The Scorpion King with Dwayne Johnson at the helm as the charismatic Mathayus sparked the creation of multiple sequels, but they proceeded without their leading star.

Despite Johnson’s magnetic performance, which significantly contributed to the movie’s appeal, he did not return for the subsequent installments.

The franchise continued to explore the lore of the Scorpion King and his world, delving into prequels and sequels that expanded on the character’s backstory and future adventures.

There Were Other Sequels

These sequels shifted the focus away from big-name Hollywood star power to dive deeper into the fantasy elements of the storyline and explore new characters within the same universe.

Direct-to-video releases like The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior, The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption, The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power, and The Scorpion King: Book of Souls featured a rotating cast of heroes and villains, attempting to capture the adventurous spirit of the original.

However, without Johnson’s draw, the franchise took on a more niche appeal, satisfying loyal fans of the genre but not reaching the same blockbuster heights as the film that kickstarted the saga.

Could Dwayne Johnson Return?

As fans, we can’t help but reminisce about the raw, magnetic charm Dwayne Johnson brought to The Scorpion King.

His larger-than-life persona was a perfect match for the ancient and mythical world of Mathayus, and quite frankly, it’s hard to imagine anyone else wielding the Akkadian’s sword with such finesse.

Here’s the real deal: the sequels might have kept the franchise’s heart beating, but they lacked the adrenaline punch only Johnson can deliver.

Picture this—a return to the franchise with Johnson’s star power now brighter than ever, adding depth and intensity to a beloved character whose story is far from finished. The original film struck a chord for its blend of action, fantasy, and Johnson’s unique brand of humor.

A sequel with him would not only reignite the fans’ passion but could also elevate the saga to the epic proportions it always promised.

Stream The Scorpion King On Netflix

Watching The Scorpion King, one can’t help but feel the echoes of an adventure that could’ve continued, especially with a talent like Dwayne Johnson at the helm.

Johnson’s portrayal of Mathayus was not only a pivotal moment in his burgeoning movie career but also a memorable entry in the action-adventure genre that still holds a fond place in the hearts of fans.

The Scorpion King stands as a testament to Johnson’s early promise and the untapped potential of a saga that could have soared even higher with him.