See Doctor Strange 2’s Villain Fighting Doctor Strange In Early Pic

The first glimpse Doctor Strange 2 villain is coming from a rather unlikely source. But this a chance to see how things are shaping up

By Cristina Alexander | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Doctor Strange 2 is currently going through extensive reshoots to give Marvel Studios the time it needs to adjust to the revolving door of directors, fix up the storyline, and add a few more cameos. All of this is delaying its release date to May 2022. But that delay isn’t stopping the leaks about the plot from spreading all over the internet, though. The most Doctor Strange 2 recent leak has come from a place we least expect: a Lego set.

Instagram user 1414falconfan has shared a photo of a box of the Doctor Strange 2 Lego set that revealed Doctor Strange, Wong, and new Marvel Cinematic Universe hero America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez). They all seem to be fighting a giant, one-eyed tentacled monster the box simply calls Gargantos. The leviathan bears a strong resemblance to the Shuma-Gorath, who has long been rumored to be the main villain in the movie. But the title of the Doctor Strange 2 Lego set reads Gargantos Showdown, which implies that the monster will go by that name in the MCU. Lego described the story of the fight in Doctor Strange 2 as follows: “Gargantos, the giant, one-eyed monster, spots Doctor Strange, Wong, and America Chavez and wriggles on its long, green tentacles towards the 3 heroes. Will the team’s special powers be enough to defeat the monster or will they be tangled up in tentacles? Only you will decide.”

Oddly enough, a Doctor Strange 2 puzzle piece/coloring book set came to light online last month that called the monster Shuma-Gorath. Although the puzzle shows Doctor Strange fighting the monster on his own without any help from Wong or America Chavez. Since both pieces of merchandise are supposed to advertise a glimpse of the film’s events before it’s even released, it’s unknown if the Lego set is an extension of the fight shown on the puzzle set or if it’s a separate one. This all makes the premise of Doctor Strange 2 more confusing than it already is.

Doctor Strange 2 will surely clear up some of this confusion. In the comics, Gargantos was a giant sea monster under the control of the Lemurian villain Naga. It was also said to have connections to Namor. Shuma-Gorath, on the other hand, is a leviathan who ruled the Earth before the dawn of time, demanding human sacrifice until it was banished by Sise-Neg, the time-traveling sorcerer. Doctor Strange was forced to kill the Ancient One to prevent Shuma-Gorath from returning to Earth, but years later, he battled the leviathan in its home dimension, and despite winning the fight, he merged with the entity, forcing him to kill himself and be revived by an ally.

Thankfully, just because the toy products leaked who the main villain may be, doesn’t mean they spoiled Doctor Strange 2 by a long shot. Lego sets are released months before the movies they’re loosely based on, so fans of all ages can use their imagination and play out how the fight would go in the movie when it comes out in theaters. Besides, Shuma-Gorath is one of many villains that will show up in the sequel, so it may not be the number-one baddie Doctor Strange will have to put up with.