Disney’s Best Ways To Get Kang Out Of The MCU

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

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Ever since Jonathan Majors’ legal drama went public, Marvel fans have been speculating about whether his Kang character will be removed from the MCU. Disney has created a unique problem for itself here. Kang has already been established as a major multiversal force.

That means that if Marvel wants a new Big Bad, they have to find a logical and seamless way to remove one of the most powerful characters we have ever seen from the board. Here’s some good news, Kevin Feige, and we hope you’re taking notes: the MCU already has all the tools they need to remove Kang for good.

Secret Wars

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It’s possible that replacing Kang in the MCU could be as easy as shifting around the slate of upcoming Marvel films. Originally, the Avengers were set to clash with this bad guy in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty before the later film Secret Wars premieres. There are strong rumors that Secret Wars will be used to reboot the MCU, so why not release that film sooner rather than later?

The latest Secret Wars comic event was used to change the comics’ universe, and that included major changes like making Miles Morales part of the 616 multiverse. If Disney releases Secret Wars early, they could use the timey-wimey nature of the event to explain why Kang was wiped from the multiverse altogether. As an added bonus, this would be the perfect event to introduce us to a new Big Bad for the MCU (our money’s on Doctor Doom).


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An even more obvious way of removing Kang from the MCU is to simply remove him as a threat. To do this, all the Time Variance Authority (TVA) needs to do is their job: by the end of Loki’s second season, a reformed TVA seems focused on monitoring Kangs across the multiverse rather than pruning entire multiverses. However, they still seem willing and able to prune bad apples from the multiverse when the need arises.Therefore, we might realistically never hear from Kang again, and the only explanation is that the TVA has been successful in its task. There are rumors we might see the TVA again in the upcoming Deadpool 3. If so, don’t be surprised if Kang’s untimely ejection from the MCU is transformed into a punchline by everyone’s favorite Merc With a Mouth.

The Ten Rings

The MCU has been filled with many powerful weapons and artifacts over the years. Some of the most powerful weapons are the Ten Rings. After years of hearing this term merely used as a name for a terrorist organization, we finally got to see what the actual rings could do in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Most importantly, we haven’t seen everything the rings can do, leaving room for the idea that they might be used to destroy Kang or, better still, wipe him out from the multiverse.For example, the rings in the comics had some pretty crazy abilities, including the ability to open portals to different dimensions. It’s not that crazy to imagine they could be used to isolate and even destroy different versions of Kang even more efficiently than the TVA. Plus, considering the intense fan speculation that the Ten Rings in the MCU were created by Kang himself, Marvel could make that theory canon and turn Kang into the accidental architect of his own destruction.

The Infinity Stones

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Look, before you yell at us, we know that the actual Infinity Stones were destroyed in the primary timeline of the MCU (although they do hilariously appear as paperweights from other dimensions in Loki).

However, there’s a fan theory that the stones will be reborn in the form of our favorite characters. The theory goes that this is the real reason why so many characters are associated with specific colors via clothing and lighting: the green Loki may be the embodiment of the Time Stone, the Scarlet Witch the embodiment of the Reality Stone, etc (hey, don’t laugh…she does have the same power as that stone in Marvel Snap).

A Rebooted MCU Without Kang

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That theory might be a bit of a stretch, but it might also be the groundwork that helps reboot the MCU during Secret Wars. If that’s the case, then all of the power of the Infinite Stones could be back in play; that means there are plenty of creative ways of dispatching Kang.

Our theory is that Marvel knocks out two goals with one Infinity Stone: if someone wishes for Kang to use his powers to create the perfect dimension from the chaos of a multiverse, we’ll likely get a rebooted MCU that has no Kang because he realized he is the tempting snake who may destroy this new Eden.