Die Hard Prequel With Young John McClane In Development?

By Britta DeVore | Published

We may be taking that visit to the coast to get together and have a few laughs in a very different way than expected, as a Die Hard prequel is rumored to be in the works. Just following the Christmas season (which is also known as Die Hard season), Daniel Richtman shared the news that 20th Century is developing a new story in the universe of John McClane. While nothing has been solidified, talks of a prequel centered around a young John McClane began buzzing in 2018 before being squashed shortly after.

20th Century Reportedly Working On A Die Hard Prequel

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Should the gears be turned on the Die Hard prequel, the studio would likely follow the roadmap first penned in the graphic novel, Die Hard: Year One. The eight-issue limited series by Boom! Studios was written by Howard Chaykin and explored the life of John McClane long before he welcomed one of Hans Gruber’s (Alan Rickman) to the party by way of window-toss.

Len Wiseman was the original director who signed on for the 20th Century Fox project but, when Disney took over 20th Century Fox, the origin story met its end.

How For Along Is The Project?

Essentially, this is all the news we have on the Die Hard prequel, that is to say, it’s still very much a rumor. With Disney not announcing any plans, the production should still be seen as completely halted. However, with Richtman’s insider information, perhaps, at the very least, a seed has been planted that could result in a film somewhere down the line.

Bruce Willis As John McClane

Considered one of the greatest Christmas films of all time, Die Hard follows Bruce Willis’s New York City cop, John McClane, on a journey to visit his estranged wife (Bonnie Bedelia) and their two daughters on Christmas Eve. When his wife’s holiday party gets hijacked by a group of terrorists, McClane snaps into action as the only man who can help the trapped revelers.

While we don’t get much of McClane’s backstory, his quirks and fighting know-how are on full display in the film, which is why a Die Hard prequel would be a great way to better round out the character.

The Die Hard Prequel Could Show How John McClane Got His Eccentric Attitude

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A Die Hard prequel could shine a light on how McClane became the gruff and tough man audiences meet in the movie and the events leading up to his separation from his wife. Although he apologizes to her by the end of Die Hard, it’s shown that the pair had a rocky past with McClane unable to support his spouse in making a decision that uprooted their family from New York to Los Angeles. And then there are his wily catchphrases that have kept fans dropping quotes for more than three decades.

The Die Hard Franchise Over The Years

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With five films under its belt, the Die Hard franchise has proven itself to withstand the test of time, which is why a prequel could be a terrific way to bring it back to a fresh set of viewers. Sadly, with Bruce Willis’s retirement and ongoing battle with frontotemporal dementia, he wouldn’t be involved in the film but it would open up the opportunity for a younger actor to take on the iconic role. Stay tuned for (hopefully) more Die Hard prequel news.

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