DC Has Made A Decision About John Cena And Peacemaker Season 2

Warner Bros. Discovery is currently rethinking its DC plans, and now the company has made its decision about John Cena and Peacemaker Season 2.

By Douglas Helm | Published

john cena peacemaker season 2

With the Warner Discovery merger and CEO David Zaslav’s ongoing effort to make massive changes to the newly formed company, the DC film universe is in a state of flux. The cancellation of fan-favorite DC shows on the CW and the recent shelving of the nearly completed Batgirl film have fans worrying that their most anticipated projects will be axed as well. Fans of James Gunn’s Peacemaker are worried that John Cena and the rest of his ragtag crew won’t be back for Peacemaker Season 2.

Fortunately, it seems Peacemaker fans can rest easy for now. Most of the projects James Gunn is working on at DC are safe, including Peacemaker Season 2. While this is reassuring, it isn’t too surprising. Thanks to creator James Gunn along with John Cena and the rest of the fantastic cast, Peacemaker was a surprise success for DC. The HBO Max show drew in plenty of viewers and was a win both critically and commercially. Taking Peacemaker Season 2 away would be a big mistake for a company that is already under scrutiny for some of its recent decisions.

From an optics standpoint, Warner Discover isn’t making the right moves at the moment. The cancellation of Batgirl shook Hollywood. The film was essentially complete, with $90 million sunk into the production. With Leslie Grace (In the Heights) starring, the movie would have been the first DCEU film with a Latina star. Add to the fact there’s a lack of female-led superhero films, and canceling Batgirl was not exactly the best decision for the company. What makes it worse is the fact that the company is making a strong push forward for The Flash, which has faced multiple PR problems thanks to star Ezra Miller. Ezra Miller’s numerous legal issues make it seem like The Flash is an obvious case of ‘more trouble than it’s worth,’ but apparently, Warner is happy with the movie. Rumors say that Batgirl wasn’t testing well with audiences, leading to them cutting the film for tax reasons. While the decision to keep John Cena and Peacemaker Season 2 around is a sound one, the other decisions made by the company have been questionable.

Even the top brass at DC Films seems to be taking umbrage with some of these decisions, as DC Films President Walter Hamada was apparently on the brink of leaving after the cancellation of Batgirl. It now appears that he’ll be sticking around at least until after the release of the Dwayne Johnson-led Black Adam, but losing a top-level employee during a merger seems like it could be another mistake for Warner Bros. Discovery. Still, it’s not all bad news for DC fans. Along with the return of John Cena for Peacemaker Season 2, the company is still apparently moving forward with Blue Beetle starring Xolo MaridueƱa. That film is on track for an August 2023 release. Other movies that appear to be safe from the chopping block include Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and the upcoming Joker sequel, which will star Lady Gaga.