See Dave Chappelle Scream At Morgan Freeman In Trailer For Next Comedy Special

Morgan Freeman teamed up with Dave Chappelle to promote his new Netflix special.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Wouldn’t it be great to have Morgan Freeman narrate your life? Actually, maybe not, as Dave Chappelle points out in the trailer promoting his next comedy special for Netflix. The promo is brief but maximizes the pair’s personas.

See the Dave Chappelle promo for The Closer below.

The trailer with Morgan Freeman promotes a nice, scenic drive and an easy going vibe. It’s set up in a way that audiences expect when they start to hear Freeman’s voice. As a narrator, he talks about the significance of this special for Dave Chappelle, and then, in a signature moment, Dave Chappelle tells him to stop talking. The promo trailer reminds you who Chappelle is and roughly what audiences can expect from the comedian before they go to check out The Closer, which is already on Netflix.

Netflix dropped the trailer promoting The Closer just before Dave Chappelle’s sixth special for the streaming special dropped. It’s his ninth special overall, and likely to be his last for the upcoming future. At least, that’s what the comedian said at the opening of his show. The Closer was filmed in Detroit, Michigan in August 2021.

During his special, Dave Chappelle talks about the coronavirus pandemic and his own experiences with COVID-19. When he had the virus, he didn’t experience any symptoms, but he reflects on how many people he came into contact with to who he likely gave the virus. He comments that he likely killed thousands of people (his words) as part of his punchline. He has now taken the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

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Dave Chappelle also went on to discuss his history of making LGBTQ jokes. He says that, at least for now, this will be the last time he makes homophobic jokes, which seems like a fair bet since it’s supposed to be last special for a while. He said that he is proudly “team TERF“. A TERF is a feminist who doesn’t include trans women as women. JK Rowling is a famous TERF who has often brought the term to light via her social media posts.

In fact, Dave Chappelle brought her up by name and used some of his comedy special to defend her from cancel culture. He then went on to tell a story about a trans woman he claims was his friend. JK Rowling has also brought up that she has trans people she calls friends while explaining that she believes gender is determined by genitals, something Dave Chappelle goes into in great depth during his comedy special.

This last comedy special on Netflix for Dave Chappelle follows his own public disagreement with the streaming service. Previously, he had asked the streaming service to remove the Chappelle Show from Netflix after payments issues arose between him, Netflix, and ViacomCBS. Apparently, when he was young, he signed a contract with Comedy Central that meant he wasn’t paid for future airings of his work. While this was legal, he found it unethical. Ultimately, Netflix removed his special, which they had every legal right to continue streaming, which may have strengthened his relationship with the company. The Closer can now be seen on Netflix.