Cillian Murphy Returns To His Most Beloved Character For New Movie

By Jason Collins | Published

Immediately after winning his first Oscar for his performance in Oppenheimer, actor Cillian Murphy is locked in to return to his most beloved character—Tommy Shelby—for a new movie. It would seem that we haven’t seen the last of the Peaky Blinders after all, and the series creator Steven Knight confirmed Murphy’s return to the role, and the upcoming film’s production start scheduled for this September.

Cillian Murphy Returning To Peaky Blinders

During his interview with Birmingham World regarding the premiere of his new series, The Town, Knight revealed that Cillian Murphy is definitely “returning for it,” referring to Cillian’s portrayal of Thomas “Tommy” Shelby, the notorious Birmingham gangster.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering just how vocal Murphy has been about reprising his role for a Peaky Blinders movie, provided that a script attached to the film is worthy enough. He added that the upcoming release would have to “feel legitimate and justified to do more.”

Peaky Blinders Production Set

In a separate interview, Cillian Murphy also added that he appreciates Knight, stating that “he is such a phenomenal writer” and that if he were ever to deliver a script Murphy knows Knight can deliver, he’d be there.

And it would seem that Knight delivered, considering that the upcoming movie already has a scheduled production start.

But that isn’t the only time Murphy shared his willingness to reprise his Peaky Blinders role—he also discussed the same with the Peaky Blinders superfan Margot Robbie, who starred in another Best Picture nominee, 2023’s Barbie.

No More Peaky Blinders Details

cillian murphy peaky blinders

Unfortunately, we don’t have any more details about the upcoming Peaky Blinders movie, but Cillian Murphy does, and the only thing the actor has shared thus far is that the movie will tell two stories.

No other details about the movie have been disclosed, but considering that it’s a spin-off from one of the most popular series ever made—there’s a way to make a highly-anticipated release.

Originally On BBC

Peaky Blinders originally aired on BBC Two before moving to BBC One and eventually to Netflix, after which the series exploded in popularity with fans worldwide.

The series, starring Cillian Murphy, takes its name from the Birmingham gang and serves as a live-action chronicle of the gang’s exploits following The Great War.

Cillian Murphy Is Tommy Shelby

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Murphy portrayed the gang leader Tommy Shelby, which is one of Murphy’s most iconic roles, despite starring in Oppenheimer—a role which landed him the Academy Award for Best Actor, along with the Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and many other accolades for his performance.

His success with Peaky Blinders and Oppenheimer made Cillian Murphy one of the most in-demand actors in entertainment.

Cillian Murphy Is A Star

cillian murphy

Not only that, but the actor recently starred in Small Things Like These, a historical drama that debuted to critical acclaim upon release, with an impressive 100 percent critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Hard work has really paid off for Cillian Murphy; his portrayals of a gangster, a scientist, and a coal merchant—all of which earned him awards and accolades—really showcase his breadth as an actor capable of tackling any role put in front of him.  

Source: Variety