Christopher Nolan Praises The Weirdest Show On TV With Surprising Video

By Douglas Helm | Published

Christopher Nolan is an auteur who consistently manages to bring a sense of philosophy to his blockbuster money-making films. It makes sense that Nolan has eclectic taste, as evidenced by his previous surprising reveal that he loves the goofball comedy Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Nolan proved that he is a man of impeccable taste once again when he not only praised Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie’s new Showtime series The Curse but also went out of his way to hold a Q&A panel with Fielder and Safdie.

Christopher Nolan’s 25-minute+ Q&A is a great watch, especially because it’s obvious that Nolan is a big fan of The Curse, comparing it to shows like Twin Peaks that “have genuinely no precedence.” Nolan summed up his thoughts on the series, saying, “It’s an incredible show, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen on television before.” To be fair, Nolan is spot on with his assessment.

Christopher Nolan isn’t the only one who has been glued to their screens to watch The Curse. The series is created and written by Fielder and Safdie, who both co-star in the series with Emma Stone, who is on a hot streak of her own this year with this series and the Oscar-nominated film Poor Things. Stone and Fielder star as a married couple who attempt to bring their problematic real estate vision to life through an HGTV show.

Christopher Nolan seemingly has been a fan of Fielder before The Curse, also praising his Max show The Rehearsal, which is another mind-blowing docu-series that is well worth checking out. Those who have been following Fielder’s career for a while will be familiar with his popular comedy docu-series Nathan for You, where he poses as a business consultant who pitches terrible ideas to business owners. Nathan for You is probably Fielder’s most accessible show, and it’s still incredibly innovative in its own way.

the curse
Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder in The Curse

Christopher Nolan’s The Curse Q&A also gave him the chance to converse with fellow director Benny Safdie, who became an indie darling alongside his brother, Josh Safdie. The Safdie Brothers were responsible for some amazing films in recent years, including Good Time and Uncut Gems. Two films that feature some of the best performances of Robert Pattinson and Adam Sandler’s careers, respectively.

While Emma Stone is undoubtedly busy with awards season, her presence is the only thing missing in this intriguing Christopher Nolan Q&A. While Emma Stone has rightfully received a ton of praise for her performance in Poor Things, her performance in The Curse is not to be missed. Needless to say, this show has a lot going on for it and it’s best going into the show knowing as little as possible.

While The Curse won’t be for everyone, it’s a great watch for those who like their TV shows to be subversive and unpredictable. As Christopher Nolan points out, it will definitely be unlike anything else you’ll watch on TV this year. Make sure to check it out on Showtime if you get a chance.