Chris Pine Is A Confused CIA Agent In All The Old Knives Trailer

By Shawn Paul Wood | 3 months ago

chris pine

While we wait for another shred of hope for the fourth installment of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek franchise, Chris Pine will join an all-star cast in the Olen Steinhauer screenplay adaption from his notable book, All the Old Knives. As we learned from the trailer released today, this is an espionage story involving a hijacked plane, a hostage situation gone wrong, and the senseless deaths of more than 100 lost souls. The catch? This happened in Vienna, Austria, more than six years ago. Enter the fray CIA agent Henry Pelham (Pine) set to trace back every step to find the answer to this challenging riddle.

So, we have jilted ex-lovers on a case in the neighborhood of luminaries named Haydn, Strauss, and some Mozart guy. The two spies must run into a dark place of obscurity where the future will only be decided by going back in the past. This is a transcontinental excursion from Austria to England to California, and the mole or traitor is waiting in the wings somewhere along the way. Indeed, we will experience some backstab betrayal and Chris Pine being mystifying in a “Who Dunnit” motif.  

So far, the studio is promising a fairly interesting story for this one. After the CIA realizes that it has an agent leaking information, and that leak cost them more than 100 lives, Chris Pine is called in to find their leak. He’s now investigating the people he used to work with, the people he trusted and called friends. Along the way, he reunited with his ex–played by Thandiwe Newton. The trailer promises a lot of conflict as the two meet up again.

Once a spy, always a spy. That is a well-done trailer full of everything you need to make a spy movie worth watching—beady eyes glaring at people they don’t trust, looks of misleading gestures, some action that leads you to believe someone is dying, and then, there is all that smoldering adult time we see on this trailer. This movie gives us Laurence Fishburne (who leaves great movies wherever he goes), Sir Jonathan Pryce (that’s Prince Philip to you), and Thandiwe Newton (who is probably still perturbed over her historic role in Solo: A Star Wars Movie) together with Chris Pine.

When Prime Video determined to put together this thriller and create a specific “gotta-see-that” for fans of this genre or those people, there must have been a few high-fives. And then, to be sure, Amazon Prime recruited the Danish director of True Detective, Borg vs. McEnroe, and Armadillo Janus Metz, who is bound to lead us into many detours with this book-turned-movie. As long as we get intriguing movies like this from Chris Pine, we can wait a little longer for Star Trek 4.

All the Old Knives will premiere to a limited release run and be available for streaming on Prime Video on Friday, April 8, 2022.