See An Unrecognizable Chris Hemsworth On Set Of Mad Max: Furiosa

Check out Chris Hemsworth on the set of Furiosa, the next Mad Max movie. This guy looks just completely different from what we know.

By Doug Norrie | Updated

chris hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth sure looks like he’s coming close to wrapping up his time as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Thor: Love and Thunder set to hit the big screen later this week. But though he might be drawing to a close as that iconic character, the dude still has plenty of work coming up over the next few years. And at least one of his roles is going to have him looking very different, almost unrecognizable from what we are used to from the actor. The latest set images from Furiosa, the next Mad Max movie are giving us a glimpse of Chris Hemsworth that might make you do an actual double-take. This is pretty far afield from what we’ve seen from the guy when dressed like an Asgardian and galavanting around with a hammer in hand.

The first images of Chris Hemsworth on the set of Furiosa come via @FilmUpdates on Twitter. Though it’s coming at a distance, and the pics aren’t of the crispest quality, one can see what kind of change Chris Hemsworth went through to get into his character for this film. Sure, the hair is long like we are used to with Thor, but nearly everything else is different. He’s got a long, flowing beard that looks like it’s from a different time and place. Oh, and it’s all red. Check this out and feast your eyes on just how different Chris Hemsworth looks in his upcoming role for Furiosa. 

In Mad Max: Furiosa, Chris Hemsworth will play the character Dementus. This character will be the leader of the Biker Horde who originally takes in and captures the titular character. Judging by the scope and tone of the other films, this group is likely to be a brutal bunch, and the world itself we already know is pretty unforgiving. This movie will be a prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road which starred Tom Hardy and had Charlize Theron in the Furiosa role. But that part has been recast for this prequel with Anya Taylor-Joy taking over the lead this time around. This movie is set to tell the story of how she ends up with Immortan Joe at the beginning of the next film. George Miller is set to write and direct again and this is the fifth movie in the Mad Max franchise.

Chris Hemsworth and company are set to release Mad Max: Furiosa on May 24, 2024, so we are still a ways off with this film. This was pushed back more than a year from the original timeline. In the first plan, Furiosa was slated to hit screens in the summer of next year. But a number of different delays set that back and now it’s slated to be one of the biggest releases of the summer of 2024.

In the meantime, we’ll be able to see Chris Hemsworth in all his Thor-ness when Love and Thunder hits screens on July 8th. The flick is set to be a spectacle that could, for all intents and purposes, fully wrap up the Thor story for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.