Chris Evans Destroys Marvel Return Hopes

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Marvel has faced a rough year of failing box office numbers and strike-induced slowdowns. With the future of the franchise hanging in the balance, the company’s high brass have some big decisions to make over the next year or so, particularly when it comes to how they’ll move forward with a new lineup of Avengers.

But, if you, like many other fans, had heard the news that Chris Evans and his original Avengers counterparts would be returning to the fold, the actor has officially struck down the rumors.

No One Has Spoken To Chris Evans

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“No one’s ever spoken to me about it,” Chris Evans said during a recent appearance on The View (as per Binge Hulu), when asked by the show’s hosts about any possibility of his return to the MCU.

Just like the rest of us, Evans admits that he’s “always seen those reports,” adding, “And it’s news to me.”

He went on to add that it’s not just his name that constantly gets wrapped up in these false reports, saying that fellow MCU alum including Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, and Chris Hemsworth, are also frequently mentioned.

Never Say Never


But, on the bright side (at least for those praying for his return), Chris Evans said, “I would never say never” when it came to returning to the team of Earth’s mightiest defenders.

The actor went on to admit that the role, which he appeared in over 11 films, was “a very precious” one and that everything would need to line up “just right” if he were to even make a cameo in a future film. 

Hero’s Goodbye

As MCU fans will know, Chris Evans’ Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, got the hero’s goodbye that he deserved in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame.

Passing the shield to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson, the character who previously went under the alias Falcon, it’s now been Sam’s duty to live up to the moniker.

Sam Wilson The New Captain America

Captain America 4

After agreeing to his new role as the leader of the pack, Sam Wilson battled with what it meant to be Captain America in the Disney+ series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Although he was at first hesitant to take on the job of Captain America, by the end of the series, Sam Wilson comes into his own and proudly accepts the role.

With the official change of power, Chris Evans even took to his social media accounts last year to back up Anthony Mackie’s character as the new Captain America.

Captain America In Marvel

The last Captain America movie that Chris Evans starred in was Captain America: Civil War which came out in 2016.

Despite being more of an ensemble production, as it featured many members of the Avengers squad, it was still technically a Cap-centered movie.

Now, over five years later, Anthony Mackie is getting set to take his role as Captain America to new heights in Captain America: Brave New World.

Marvel’s Future

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One of many Marvel features that has seen its date constantly shifted due to the writers’ and actors’ strikes, Captain America: Brave New World is slated for a release on February 14, 2025.

In the meantime, a handful of films including Madame Web, Deadpool 3, and Kraven the Hunter, will be on the way. The MCU has been pushing a new lineup of younger Avengers to make up the team before Avengers: Kang Dynasty arrives in 2026, with Chris Evans and the rest of the OGs nowhere in sight.