Cameron Diaz’s Hollywood Comeback Derailed By A Superstar’s Tantrum?

Cameron Diaz was brought out of retirement by Jamie Foxx, and now following his tantrum on the set of Back in Action, she's reported to be done with acting.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

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Cameron Diaz retired from acting in 2014, following the release of Sex Tape and Annie, to spend time with her growing family, but finally, the Something About Mary star is returning to Hollywood. According to the Daily Mail, the comeback may be short-lived and already over following the behavior of her latest co-star on the action-comedy Back in Action set. Her long-time friend, and the man who talked her back to Hollywood, Jaime Foxx, threw a tempter-tantrum on set that was so bad Diaz walked off, and she might never return.

Diaz and Foxx worked together previously on her last film, Annie, which is why the star decided to return when her friend asked. Despite the good feelings between the two, the Ray star had what was reported as an “epic meltdown” on set, resulting in three crew members getting fired. Reporting from anonymous sources says that the two stars are still friendly and the incident hasn’t impacted their relationship, but it did remind the Charlie’s Angel star why she left Hollywood.

Friends close to Cameron Diaz cite her distaste for confrontation and the constant high drama of working on a set for 10 hours a day, sometimes lasting three months, as why she left Hollywood in the first place. One friend thinks she’ll wrap production on Back in Action and then retreat from the limelight again. In addition to the tantrums, the confrontations, and the drama, there’s another reason back at home that’s a constant reminder Diaz isn’t with her family.

In 2019, one year after confirming her retirement, Diaz and her husband, Benji Madden, lead singer for Good Charlotte, welcomed a daughter. Now three years old, it’s understandable that the Shrek voice actress would prefer to be with her child and husband of seven years. If the great project a friend sold her on coming back for isn’t fun, and it’s a slog to get through work every day, who could blame the 90s icon for wanting to go home?

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Cameron Diaz’s first role in The Mask

Since making her debut in 1994 alongside Jim Carrey in The Mask, Cameron Diaz has over 40 films to her credit, including raunchy comedies, dramas, and however you’d classify Being John Malkovich. Nominated for multiple awards thanks to her supporting roles in Vanilla Sky and Gangs of New York, she ended her career without winning any of the major awards. She was honored in 2009 with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Unlike Diaz, Jamie Foxx has been actively working for the last few years, though it’s been with diminished returns. His last film, the Netflix vampire action-comedy Day Shift failed to set the world on fire. Outside of Spider-Man: No Way Home, it’s been six years since his last hit, 2017’s Baby Driver, where he played the insane criminal Leon “Bats” Jefferson III.

Back in Action also stars Andrew Scott, Kyle Chandler, and Glenn Close. The film is a Netflix exclusive with no current release date, but principal filming did wrap last month, so we might finally see Cameron Diaz on the screen again by the end of the year. Given her horrible experience on set, it’s also likely going to be the last time any of us get to see her in a new project, and again, it’s hard to blame her.