Brie Larson In Talks To Headline Star Wars Project

Brie Larson looks to be headed to a galaxy far, far away.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Brie Larson could be just another actor/actress/director making the crossover from one major franchise to another. With the interwoven nature of some of these mammoth studios, it makes sense that they’d want to keep a lot of the talent in-house and that could be happening with the Captain Marvel star. There are some new rumors attaching Larson to a role in the Star Wars franchise. 

While there’s no firm confirmation on what Brie Larson’s role would be, the casting would make a lot of sense in terms of the trajectories and interwoven aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars franchise. And considering the sheer amount of volume coming out of Disney right now with projects currently in the pipeline, the options appear almost limitless for how she’d slot into a character. It’s easy to picture Larson taking a part in this franchise, having clearly proven she can headline a big-budget action flick. 

Brie Larson has been circling a Star Wars role in some fashion for more than a year now, continually brought up when new projects are out there, and even rumored to eventually lead her own project. Heck, she’s even talked at length about how she already auditioned (unsuccessfully) for every major recent Star Wars movie already. That included The Force Awakens as well as Rogue One. Remember, this is before her time as Captain Marvel so while it seems like these days she could easily inhabit the action/ sci-fi role, a few years ago she might not have been held in the same light. But from an interest level, it’s clear the actress has wanted to get into the Star Wars game for quite some time. She might be leveraging the recent success to grab a role she’s wanted for years. 

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There’s no shortage of upcoming Star Wars projects either with plenty of Marvel talent, other than Brie Larson, making their way over to the franchise. Sebastian Stan is rumored to take over as Luke Skywalker on The Mandalorian in future seasons. Tom Holland has been rumored as a possible fit as a Jedi for some time now. Thor Ragnarok director Taika Waititi is set to helm a project in the universe as well. And of course, there’s Kevin Feige who’s going to get his own Star Wars movie. It’s hard to imagine this is the end of these kinds of projects either. 

Before she potentially wields a lightsaber or channels a little inner force, Brie Larson still has plenty of other work to do for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain Marvel 2 is currently in pre-production. That’s currently slated for a November 11, 2022 debut though for a bit that was in a little bit of doubt. Larson had insisted on certain terms for a contract extension from the studio regarding equal pay among other things. The studio agreed and that film is going ahead as planned. It doesn’t appear the negotiations soured any of the working relationships either, especially if she’s being strongly considered for another role in Star Wars

There is simply too much smoke here to not assume a fire when it comes to Brie Larson entering the Star Wars franchise in some fashion. Considering she’s wanted it for quite some time and is clearly in the studio’s good favor I suspect we get more solid news in short order.