Tom Holland’s Going To Be A Jedi?

By Doug Norrie | 8 months ago

tom holland

Tom Holland has plenty of superpower work under his belt. The guy has taken the iconic Spider-Man character to new web-slinging heights, embodying the face of the franchise and supplanting the groundwork laid by Tobey Maguire (and Andrew Garfield but not really). While Holland’s face is almost synonymous with the Spidey character, it isn’t a stretch to envision him in another action-packed role. There’s some exciting news that he could be trading in his web-slinger for a lightsaber with rumors that Holland is circling a role in Star Wars.

President of Marvel Studios and mastermind behind the wild success that was (is) the Marvel Cinematic Universe,, Kevin Feige is already on board to develop a Star Wars film with LucasFilm President Kathleen Kennedy. Feige’s involvement helps lend credence and weight to the Tom Holland rumors. The former produced every Marvel movie after The Amazing Spider-Man which went a long way in ushering in a new face for Spidey. Holland took the role first in Captain America: Civil War and then in his own solo movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. With the Marvel/Disney overlap, it makes sense why actors and actresses would cross over studios. 

And as far as Star Wars is concerned we know there are many other stories to tell in this galaxy. While Rae appeared to put a button on her story, and maybe the original franchise in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, of course, this was never going to be the end of the brand’s run. Adding big-name, face-of-franchise stars like Tom Holland could be critical in moving the world forward and beginning to diverge away from the originals and into new bigger (and maybe better) storylines. 

Tom Holland as Peter Parker

Tom Holland entering the Star Wars Universe, lightsaber in tow, would continue Disney’s increased momentum around the franchise. The Mandalorian is already wildly popular on the platform and is currently entering its second season. The story will pick back up on October 30th bringing back Mando and of course Baby Yoda. Season 1 of the series garnered massive critical praise and lent credence to the idea that alternate storylines around edge characters could carry a show. 

And there’s plenty of other Star Wars work coming to Disney+ for fans of the universe. In addition to The Mandalorian, other auxiliary characters are getting their own treatment. An Obi-Wan Kenobi series is set to start filming in March of 202. Ewan McGregor who played the role in Episode I-III is back reprise the role this time set to happen in the years following Revenge of the Sith. The show had originally been put on hold but is set to pick back up. And the timeline for the series does help solve some of the aging concerns considering McGregor was last seen in the role 16 years ago. We know Tom Holland doesn’t have a spot in this show considering the timing of the production. 

Additionally, Disney+ has a Cassian Andor series planned with Bourne Franchise alum Tony Gilroy as the showrunner. That is set to follow the titular character in the years leading up to Rebel One. We know how Diego Luna’s Andor met his end, but this show will explore how the pieces set up for him to be there in the first place. 

Tom Holland
Tom Holland

So there’s plenty to get pumped for in the Star Wars franchise with the Disney+ streaming platform offering almost limitless possibilities. It is a near certainty that we see a new run-up of movies to add to the catalog. And again, considering the crossover and relative marriage between the two studios Tom Holland is likely only one of many names we see alternate between the two universes. Heck, Oscar Isaac just jumped from Star Wars as Poe Dameron and will now star as Marvel’s Moon Knight.  There’s just too much story and acting firepower here. 

Tom Holland isn’t done with the Spider-Man character by any means. After 2019’s Far From Home, he’s currently filming an unnamed sequel. Plus there’s the Chaos Walking film adaptation which has already wrapped filming and is set to release on January 22, 2021. In it he’ll star with, you guessed it, Daisy Ridley. See what’s happening here? These studios and actors and actresses are already completely connected across multiple franchises. It only makes sense that Holland will soon have the force flowing through him.