Agatha All Along Wants Witches To Win Halloween

By Em Helena | Published

agatha all along

In another expansion to the MCU, Agatha All Along starring Kathryn Hahn will be available to stream this September 18 on Disney+. The upcoming spinoff of WandaVision will follow the infamous and powerless Agatha Harkness on her journey down the infamous Witches’ Road.

Agatha All Along premieres on Disney+ on September 18.

The news of Agatha All Along coming to Disney+ was broken in October 2021. However, it was only revealed that Kathryn Hahn would reprise her role as Agatha and that Jac Schaeffer, head writer of WandaVision, would now serve as the director and executive producer. No other information was made available to the fans about the series at the time. 

Agatha All Along is a spinoff of WandaVision, Disney+’s very first live-action original Marvel series.

On Monday the first trailer for Agatha All Along was uploaded by Marvel Entertainment to YouTube and gives us a sneak peek of what we can expect from the series come September.

It’s clear that Agatha All Along picks up where WandaVision left off. The trailer reveals to the audience that the witch and previous antagonist, Agatha Harkness, is ready to get her lost powers back and is also ready to finally be rid of Westview.

New neighbors will be joining the town of Westview as well, Aubrey Plaza, Joe Locke, and Patti LuPone have all been confirmed to be a part of the cast. However, little is known about their characters and how heavy of a hand they will play throughout the series.

agatha all along
Joe Locke and Kathryn Hahn in Agatha All Along

What we do know is that Aubrey Plaza and Joe Locke, alongside Kathryn Hahn, were featured in a significant chunk of the trailer. Many of us hope that the aforementioned trio will remain an integral part of the story and that we will get to see more interactions take place specifically between the hilarious Hahn and witty Plaza.

With WandaVision debuting to 6.47 million households and going on to be nominated for 23 Primetime Emmy Awards, it’s safe to say that Agatha All Along has big shoes to fill. Fans are comforted by the fact that Jac Schaeffer will also be working on this new series as he produced such phenomenal work for the source material of Agatha All Along.

Agatha All Along will premiere with two episodes.

In the description of the trailer uploaded by Marvel Entertainment, they revealed that two episodes of Agatha All Along will premiere on September 18. The series will be able to stream exclusively on Disney+ and watching a show packed with witches will be a surefire way to jumpstart your Halloween spirit. 

Until then, you can get into the Marvel mindset by streaming other MCU series on Disney+ such as Loki, Echo, Moon Knight, and many more. Or, if you simply cannot waste another second without seeing Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness on the screen, rewatch WandaVision while you wait to see what’s in store for her future.

For those of us who have already watched it over ten times, let’s hope we have the patience to hold out until September 18.