A Gross Breaking Bad Prop Just Sold For A Ridiculous Amount Of Money

The underwear Bryan Cranston wore in the Breaking Bad pilot just sold for $32,500

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

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Walter White’s iconic Breaking Bad underwear sold for $32,500 in a recent auction. After 29 bids, the series prop was purchased by SAXX Underwear. The company, which sells an assortment of men’s clothes, shared its buy on social media. “We simply could not let another man subject his nether regions to these. Stay tuned, gentlemen,” the outlet wrote about the Breaking Bad underwear.

The auction was hosted by PropStore, an online entertainment memorabilia seller based in Los Angeles. Other Breaking Bad items which have found new homes include an unused copy of Walter’s Leaves of Grass book and white t-shirt, Skyler White’s cigarette packs, the bong and cell phone used by Jesse Pinkman, and a yellow radio-controlled toy car.

Props and Guest chair backs from the Breaking Bad set seats were also auctioned off, with an estimated value of $1,000, MovieWeb reports. The 40-inch underwear is described as a “set decoration closet pair” made of polyester. It features a white elastic waistband with blue and golden style details. But according to the lot information, the elasticity has been lost mainly due to the passage of time.

Bryan Cranston wore matching sets of this item throughout Breaking Bad, making it a gross but famous collector’s item. The prop made its debut in the first episode of the popular series when a suicidal Walter realizes his gun isn’t loaded. It was a lucky break for the former school teacher since the police he was trying to escape weren’t actually looking for him or his co-conspirator.

Created by Vince GilliganBreaking Bad chronicles the life of an underpaid, downtrodden high school chemistry teacher named Walter White. Following a lung cancer diagnosis, he becomes a drug dealer to secure his family’s financial future before his demise. Over time he produces and sells large amounts of methamphetamine.

Breaking Bad had a successful five-season run on AMC from 2008 to 2013. Following its debut, the series was hailed for its writing and acting. The show was also listed by The American Film Institute as one of the top ten television offerings of 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. Its phenomenal success led to the spinoff Better Call Saul in 2015.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprised their roles as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, respectively, in a Super Bowl commercial for PopCorners. The 90-second clip sees the snack company squashing in as many Breaking Bad references as possible. From Jesse punctuating his sentences with “Yo” to Walter’s iconic “Say their name” catchphrase, the advert has everything fans loved about the series.


The Breaking Bad commercial was also a treat for viewers who have been yearning for more of their favorite series. This may be tough since Walter White died and Saul Goodman was imprisoned indefinitely. Still, fans have hoped the writers would find new stories to keep the universe alive. For now, the popular crime drama is probably over for good.

So fans that still need a dose of Breaking Bad can catch reruns of the series or purchase props from various auctions.