Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Used To Eat Breaking Bad’s Most Famous Prop

Bryan Cranston revealed he and Aaron Paul once ate fake blue meth on the set of Breaking Bad.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Bryan Cranston was recently on First We Feast, where he revealed some interesting details about his time as Walter White on Breaking Bad along with Aaron Paul’s Jesse. The fan-favorite star revealed that both were engaged in a long day of shooting when Paul decided to start eating the blue meth. According to Cranston, “And I see Aaron Paul reach into our product and he starts throwing the methamphetamine in his mouth…I go, ‘What are you doing… You can’t eat the product.'”

Apparently, the reason that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul could eat the blue meth from the series is that it was rock candy that had been dyed blue and tasted like cotton candy. Cranston added, “TV methamphetamine, the way we made it with a little blue tint, is actually rock candy and the flavor was cotton candy rock candy.” After having to sit in their “lab” for 16 or 17 hours while shooting the series, we would imagine that getting a sugar high would allow the energy needed to finish out the day.

Both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul made their final appearances as Walter and Jesse respectively, when they appeared in the Better Call Saul prequel series. The series followed Jimmy McGill, who becomes Saul Goodman, the crooked lawyer we were all introduced to in Breaking Bad. The events of the prequel finally caught up to Breaking Bad, which resulted in Walter and Jesse returning one final time.

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Though it was presumed to be their final time as the characters Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are going to return as the characters in a new Super Bowl commercial for PopCorners Popped-Corn Snack. The teasers for the commercial have been great, with the most recent showing Paul’s Jesse sitting by the iconic Winnebago, presumably getting a call from Walter White. Paul did state he is done playing the character, though we imagine this commercial is just for fun.

Paul stated that after El Camino and Better Call Saul, he likes where the Jesse character ended up, and there is no reason to continue exploring that character’s story. However, there is no mention that Cranston would be willing to appear as Walter White again. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were immortalized with bronze statues in New Mexico, so they will forever be known as Walter and Jesse.

Breaking Bad become a cultural phenomenon and is widely regarded as the best show ever created for television. Both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul became household names for their performances in the show. The series would go on to win many Day Emmy awards and has since spawned the Better Call Saul prequel series.

The creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, stated that he might return to the universe created by the original series, but he is going to take some well-deserved time to create other things. We are not sure if Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are going to be targeted to star in Gilligan’s new series, but it would make sense if they were. For now, we can all wait for updates on his new show.

The Super Bowl will air on February 12th, and we will get to see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprise their roles one final time. This time they will likely be asked to eat the chips they are promoting.