Bryan Cranston Reveals His Future With Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston has stated the Breaking Bad PopCorners commercial is the final time he will be Walter White.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have officially returned as Walter White and Jesse from Breaking Bad for a new Super Bowl commercial for a chip company called PopCorners. The hilarious commercial debuted early and saw Walter and Jesse cooking up a batch of PopCorners for drug kingpin, Tuco. Though Paul had previously stated he was done with his portrayal of Jesse, no one knew how Cranston felt, but he has now stated—”This might be the retiring episode of the ‘Breaking Bad’ universe.”

Bryan Cranston also stated that he was given the opportunity to bring back Walter White from Breaking Bad, which happened in El Camino and in Better Call Saul. Those moments were enough for Cranston to state that he was done with the character, though he thought he would have some fun with the character one last time for the new PopCorners commercial. Though the Breaking Bad universe has been far more serious, we are happy to see the man having fun to give the character a proper sendoff.

Despite Bryan Cranston saying goodbye to his Breaking Bad character, he understands the weight that the story has carried for his career. He added, “It changed the paradigm and trajectory of my career so I owe everything to that.” We would argue that the man had already been popular for his portrayal of Hal in Malcolm in the Middle, but Breaking Bad was certainly a life-changing television event.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul saw massive success from Breaking Bad and have since been immortalized with bronze statues in New Mexico, where the series was mostly filmed. Both also saw massive opportunities come their way from the awards given by the Daytime Emmys. The series is also regarded as the greatest television show ever created.

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Vince Gilligan would go on to create a full spinoff series, Better Call Saul, which was the prequel to the character Saul Goodman. Portrayed by Bob Odenkirk, the series saw his character Jimmy McGill turn into the sleazy crime lawyer, Saul Goodman. The prequel events eventually led up to the moment when we got to see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul come back as their Breaking Bad characters to complete the universe.

Though Vince Gilligan is also moving on, he has stated that he might return to the universe in another 10 years. He has stated he would love to give Kim Wexler her own Better Call Saul type of treatment. Bryan Cranston would likely not be involved in that show, but it would add even more depth to the already amazing Breaking Bad universe that has been built.

This just goes to show how important Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Breaking Bad have been for 15 years. The first episodes aired in 2008, and we would imagine that something might be done about the 20th anniversary in 2028. Either way, we are just happy at all the success this show has had because it deserves it.

For now, everyone can check out the new commercial and see Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Raymond Cruz return as their Breaking Bad characters in a fantastic commercial. Or you could just wait for the Super Bowl and be pleasantly surprised. Quite honestly, we would have loved to wait, but the call to watch the commercial early was far too strong.