Breaking Bad Fans Can Now Own The Most Hilarious Prop From The Series

The underwear worn by Bryan Cranston in the Breaking Bad pilot are now up for auction.

By TeeJay Small | Published

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Breaking Bad fans are having a wild week, with Walter and Jesse reuniting for a hilarious Super Bowl commercial alongside Tuco actor Raymond Cruz, promoting the air-popped snack Popcorners. Now things are even more exciting for the Breaking Bad super fan who has it all, with Walter White’s screen-worn tighty whities going on sale, courtesy of Propstore Auction.

The site, which hosts frequent online auctions for big-name studios such as Marvel and AMC, is set to host its Breaking Bad auction with dozens of character outfits fresh from the wardrobe department From February 13th through February 28th.

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The tighty whities in question are currently evaluated at $5,500 but are estimated to fetch upwards of $6,000 by the time the bidding concludes. The pair of dirt-stained Y fronts were initially sported by Walter White actor Bryan Cranston all the way back in 2008 for the Breaking Bad pilot, in which Walt enlists the help of Aaron Paul‘s Jesse Pinkman to cook methamphetamine out of a Winnebago. In the pivotal scene, Walter White strips down to his undies so as not to contaminate his clothing with the scent of dangerous chemicals.

The underwear served as White’s undergarment of choice, humorously appearing several times throughout the show, and often being referenced by fans when pointing out the moments of dark levity strewn throughout the grim tones of the series. If the $6,000 price tag of the Breaking Bad auction seems a bit too steep, you can certainly rest assured that Walmart sells the same underpants for $15 for a pack of three. Of course, if you’re the world’s foremost Breaking Bad addict, this may be your last chance to connect with the series since the Better Call Saul finale aired last Summer.

The Breaking Bad spinoff made headlines for years, baiting a return of the dynamic meth cheffing duo, which finally paid off in the final episodes of the sixth season. Cranston and Paul each showed up to reprise their roles in the Bob Odenkirk-led show, sharing the screen together for a scene that replicated the pair’s original meeting with the criminal lawyer known as Saul Goodman.

Walt and Jesse also appeared in subsequent flashback cameo appearances separately, providing some closure to the Breaking Bad universe. Creator Vince Gilligan has promised to close the book on the critically acclaimed series which spanned both shows and an epilogue film, El Camino.

With the hilarious Popcorners advertisement once again reuniting Vince Gilligan and his most popular characters, the showrunner has moved on to work on a new project starring Better Call Saul alumni Rhea Seehorn.

Meanwhile, other writers and producers from the expanded Breaking Bad universe have plans to produce more content for AMC. Bob Odenkirk is set to star in a new AMC show Lucky Hank, which premiers next month, and looks to blend the actor’s dramatic skills with his comedic chops. It’s a performance that has fans incredibly excited.

The prop underwear are available as part of a larger Breaking Bad lot, containing screen-worn gas masks, toys, and even a bong pipe that probably needs to be legally specified as decorative glassware only. If you’ve got a few thousand dollars in Super Bowl winnings burning a hole in your pocket, feel free to treat yourself to some authentic gear before it’s too late!