Blindspotting Star Boards Loki Season 2

A fan-favorite actor from the film Blindspotting, has officially joined the MCU in a potential important role in Loki Season 2.

By Mark McKee | Published

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There are no other more relentless characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe than the Asgardians. Premiering all the way back in the fourth movie of Phase 1, Thor, the God of Thunder, and Loki, the God of Mischief, have spent more time in the MCU than any other characters. Being the MCU’s most beloved and longest-tenured members, it isn’t surprising that they have the most projects. Thor is the only Avenger to get 4 (and possibly 5) movies, and Loki is now the first of the Disney+ series to get greenlit for a second season. Of course, the main character will return, and as the rest of the cast fills out, a new actor has been retained. Rafael Casal of Blindspotting fame has signed on to join Tom Hiddleston. 

As reported by Deadline, Rafael Casal started as the subject of the rumor mill when set photos surfaced, seeing him next to Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Mobius (Owen Wilson), who are returning to Season 2. The set photos see Casal in a TVA prisoner uniform similar to what viewers saw Loki wear when viewers were introduced to the agency in Loki Season 1. While we don’t know what his role is for sure, there is some speculation that he will be playing Zaniac. 

Zaniac is a character that has appeared in Thor comics in multiple ways. It is primarily an entity that possesses unsuspecting hosts and uses them to do its bidding. One of the original incarnations was Jack the Ripper. One of the more modern possessions by the entity, and the one most likely to be Rafael Casal’s version, is that of Brad Wolfe. Wolfe was an actor filming a slasher film who was possessed by Zaniac and began acting out the script in real-life. A nuclear incident gave the character superhuman strength and the ability to create knives from energy. 

The character will be a formidable villain against Loki and could serve to create a fantastic primary storyline. At the same time, the continuation of the climax of Season 1 plays out in the background. At the end of Season 1, Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) is determined to kill Kang in retribution. Despite Loki’s attempts to stop her, she pushes him through a portal and releases the timeline to chaos. The universe is still struggling under the implications of the events, and Loki and Mobius will most definitely have to contend with Kang, Sylvie, and Rafael Casal’s villain. 

Rafael Casal is an incredibly talented actor who co-created and co-wrote Blindspotting. The series has been renewed for another season, to no one’s surprise. It earned an Indie Spirit Award and Gotham Award nominations for Best New/Breakthrough series. Casal’s acting credits include Good Lord Bird, Bad Education, and Are You Afraid of the Dark? His abilities will play well alongside Hiddleston and Wilson, bringing the series to new heights and the Disney+ quality to an elevation to compete with other streaming services. MCU fans, and specifically Loki fans, have a lot to look forward to in Season 2.