Blade Writer Confirms a Violent Wesley Snipes Rumor?

The original Blade writer was recently asked about a possible violent incident involving Wesley Snipes on the set of the movie

By Kristi Eckert | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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A question regarding Wesley Snipes’ behavior, particularly towards director David Goyer, on the set of the final installment of the Blade trilogy, Blade: Trinity, has been looming in the back of everyone’s minds since 2012 when another Blade actor, Patton Oswalt made a very overt accusation. Oswalt claimed that on one occasion Wesley Snipes had strangled David Goyer over a disagreement. The Hollywood Reporter recently set out to either confirm or invalidate a nearly decade-old rumor when they sat down in an exclusive interview with David Goyer himself. 

In the interview, Goyer was asked to set the record straight about Wesley Snipes and what really transpired on the set of Blade: Trinity. Goyer, however, did not come right out and say whether or not Wesley Snipes did indeed strangle him. What he did reveal was, while he does still have a lot of respect for Wesley Snipes as an actor, that their friendship has dissolved completely. He did also go on to admit that not one person who worked on that film had a positive experience and that, “It was a very tortured production.” 

In a parallel interview with The Guardian, Wesley Snipes was pressed to comment on the recent interview with Goyer and the allegations made by Oswalt so long ago. He vehemently denied them and stated the obvious that had actually strangled Goyer then he would not be giving an interview, he would instead be serving time in prison. He then went on to discuss the injustices behind the racist undertones that plague our society. He emphasized that the public had accepted the word of one singular caucasian man as absolute fact. He pointed out that this serves as an example that highlights the prevalent predispositions that society as a whole still has towards black individuals and the injustice that surround that. 

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Even though Wesley Snipes is not in jail for strangling Goyer, he did however infamously serve time for tax evasion. According to Accounting Today, Wesley Snipes was charged in February of 2008 for not filing any income tax return one the course of a three-year period from 1999 to 2001. As a result, he was convicted and served a term of three years in federal prison. 

Wesley Snipes has since left his tax-evading days behind him and has begun to reclaim his Hollywood prowess. He played General Izzi, the antagonist that wanted to take the kingdom of Zamuda for himself in Coming 2 America, the sequel to the classic, Coming to America that is available to stream through Prime Video.

Also, Giant Freakin’ Robot reported just last month that Wesley Snipes will act alongside Hollywood icon, Keanu Reaves in the much-anticipated John Wick 4. It looks like, for the role, Wesley Snipes will have to dust off his rusty blades and sharpen his fighting skills to prepare for this action flick. He also might very well be stretching his action-star expertise again for a sequel almost 30-years in the making because it looks like filming will eventually begin for Passenger 58