Fans Have Ben Affleck Trending For Batman Day

By Apeksha Bagchi | 12 seconds ago

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Ben Affleck is trending for DC today in an unexpected way. It was the relentless #ReleaseTheSnyderCut that made it possible for Zack Snyder’s true vision for Justice League, sans Joss Whedon’s tampering, to reach DC fans. As Snyder’s Cut was more than just an improvement of the critically panned Justice League of 2017, #RestoreTheSnyderVerse has replaced the prior campaign, with fans pushing Warner Bros. to put aside their differences with Snyder and allow him to carve the rest of the DCEU, with Ben Affleck coming along too. And as an extension of the same, another hashtag has recently begun trending on Twitter i.e., #MakeTheBatfleckMovie to make the long-overdue solo Batman film starring Ben Affleck, something which the Snyder’s cut teased in its post-credit scenes. 

While neither Henry Cavill’s Superman nor Ray Fisher’s Victor Stone are apparently ever going to reprise their respective roles, Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne is all set to mark his return in the upcoming DC film, The Flash. There he will be seen alongside Michael Keaten’s version of the caped crusader from an alternate universe. But unlike the past Batmans of the DCEU, Ben Affleck has never got the chance to star in his solo film as Bruce Wayne. He first appeared as Batman in 2016’s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League (2017), and the director’s cut of Justice League. But now that Ben Affleck is still set to return to play the character, his fans are campaigning for the actor to finally get his solo Batman film. 

The topic, #MakeBatfleckMovie, is currently trending on Twitter alongside #BatmanDay as fans have used the official day dedicated to Gotham’s savior by making it known that Ben Affleck is the best version of Batman to date and Warner Bros. needs to give him his solo starring film instead of his continued appearances in packed ensemble DC features. Here are some of the best Ben Affleck tweets: 

Currently, the DCEU is at a stage where it can accommodate different versions of the same characters. In The Flash itself, which is set to usher in the multiverse, Ben Affleck as Batman will be sharing Keaton’s version of the same character from the 1989 film directed by Tim Burton. Going by the exceptionally well-received Batfleck, a solo film allowing Ben Affleck to explore Gotham sans any other superheroes would certainly end up being a profit for the studio. 

But for now, The Flash is all set to mark the end of Ben Affleck as Batman. Giant Freakin Robot, in its recently released exclusive report, had shared that the upcoming film will be the last we see Ben Affleck in the iconic cowl, something which was confirmed to us by one of the highest-ranking officials in the DC Universe.

Once Ben Affleck hangs up the cape, the giant bat-shaped hole in the DCEU will be filled by none other than Michael Keaton. In fact, we recently also learned that Warner Bros is busy developing a solo Batman project for the actor and has also signed him on for future appearances in other films as the Dark Knight. While the current trajectory of the DCEU does seem to conclude an Affleck run as Batman, it should be remembered that it was the unity of DC fans that made the Snyder’s Cut of Justice League a reality. So, keep cherishing the dream Ben Affleck fans, who knows maybe one day a solo Batfleck film will indeed become a possibility!