Barbra Streisand Slams Bradley Cooper’s Movie

Barbra Streisand doesn't enjoy this Bradley Cooper film.

By Tristan Zelden | Published

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Bradley Cooper (Guardians of the Galaxy) made his directorial debut in 2018 with the third remake of A Star Is Born, making it the fourth movie when including the original 1937 film. While helming the project, he also starred in, co-wrote, and produced. The film has had plenty of other remakes throughout the decades, and one of the stars of the 1976 take, Barbra Streisand, has taken issue with the most recent retelling of the drama.

Barbra Streisand told the Australian talk show, The Sunday Project (seen below), that The Hangover actor’s remake was “wrong” as she had issues with its lack of “originality.” The story in both versions played out similarly, with the alcoholic musician finding and falling in love with a younger musician. The only real difference seen is that the 2018 version has a different focus as it leans into its characters deeper, and the time difference shows modern technology and how it portrays the young musician, who was played by Lady Gaga.

The 1976 remake was the third movie, with the first remake being in 1954 and the original in 1937. Barbra Streisand’s take was a hit at the time as it won an Oscar for its music and was nominated for its cinematography and sound. The 1976 A Star Is Born was director Frank Pierson’s biggest release throughout his career before his death in 2012. He wrote the screenplay with John Gregory Dunne (Play It As It Lays) and Joan Didion (True Confessions). It starred Barbra Streisand, Kris Kirstofferson (Songwriter), and Gary Busey (Point Break).

Before Bradley Cooper paired up with Lady Gaga for the 2018 remake, Will Smith (Men in Black) and Beyoncé were attached with Beyoncé on the project until 2011. Clint Eastwood (Dirty Harry) was going to direct it, too. All of this caught Barbra Streisand as she felt it would have been different from what she had done with its “different kind of music” and “integrated actors.” When the chasting changed and who would helm the project, it became a “surprise” to the actress that it ended up being similar to what she did in 1976.

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper A Star Is Born

Barbra Streisand did give the recent version some positive notes. The film was a huge success, which she acknowledged. Not only did it land an Oscar for the song Shallow, which topped the Billboard Hot 100, but it was nominated for other awards such as its achievement in sound mixing, best picture, cinematography, adapted screenplay, Sam Elliot (Yellowstone) for his supporting performance, and Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s performances for best leading actor and actress. That does not include the money the film raked in. Off its modest $36 million budget, it earned $436 million globally.

During the interview with The Sunday Project, Barbra Streisand had more to say outside of talking about A Star Is Born. She was there promoting her latest album, Release Me 2, a compilation record full of never-released songs. She also talks about Beyoncé, who covered her song, The Way We Were, which was covered in 2008 at the 31st annual Kennedy Center Honors.