Ant-Man 3 Reshoots Set To Ruin The Franchise, Movie In Trouble?

A new rumor has stated that Ant-Man 3 has engaged in reshoots to add too many jokes to the movie.

By James Brizuela | Updated

ant-man 3 reshoots

There is a new rumor surrounding Ant-Man 3 reshoots, that has fans believing Marvel is once again going to be ruining another of its darker pictures. This rumor has stated that Marvel demanded reshoots for the anticipated sequel so that more of the trademark Marvel jokes could find their way into the movie. However, one of the biggest issues that people have long been worried about is Marvel putting in too much humor, which was one of the biggest issues with the recently released Thor: Love and Thunder.

From the looks of Ant-Man 3, the trailers have painted quite a grim picture of Scott Lang, which could lead us to believe that he might be dying at the hands of Kang the Conqueror. If this is true, then it would make sense as to why the studio would want some more levity added to the new movie. However, the biggest plus and draw for Scott Lang and the Ant-Man series has always been embedded in the humor of the movies.

Not every movie needs to have jokes, despite what Marvel is insistent on pushing on its audience. We would imagine that Disney is also having their say, as many children from around the world take in superhero movies by the millions. Granted, Ant-Man 3 could hold some heavy heartache for many people, but these reshoots to add more humor might not be the best route to go.

ant-man 3 trailer kang

Also, this Ant-Man 3 reshoot rumor could also be based on Marvel wanting to add more about how Scott Lang was working at Baskin Robbins. He is shown at the job in his Ant-Man costume during the trailer, which is not surprising at all, as it has been a running gag throughout each movie. However, Paul Rudd was spotted in Los Angeles during the reshoots, while carrying a Baskin Robbins box.

Paul Rudd carrying a Baskin Robbins box is not that terrible, and if that was all that was happening with the Ant-Man 3 reshoots, then fans might not have much to worry about. However, if Marvel is going to be jam-packing the movie with jokes like they did in Thor: Love and Thunder, then we would certainly be worried about this rumor too.

Though fans have been stating that Marvel is consistently placing too many jokes into their recent movies, it could be because the Infinity War Saga ended on such a downer. Iron Man died, along with Captain America retiring too. Ant-Man 3 reshoots might just be happening to remind everyone that superheroes can still win while offering more light-hearted feelings.

No one is going to truly know if these added jokes are going to ruin Ant-Man 3, and the reshoots could have been just to increase the quality of certain scenes. We are all going to find out soon, as the anticipated sequel movie is going to be released on February 17. Paul Rudd is back as Scott Lang, as his daughter Cassie starts a device that drags them into the Quantum Realm and face-to-face with Kang the Conqueror.