The Anime Sci-Fi Action Movie On Netflix That Is Shockingly Great

By Steven Nelson | Published

Alright, otakus and cyberpunk enthusiasts, it’s time to dive deep into a world where the streets of Tokyo are anything but ordinary. Gantz:O, streaming now on Netflix, takes you on a mind-bending journey adapted from the acclaimed “Gantz” manga series. 

Based on the Gantz manga series by Hiroya Oku, this movie is packed with jaw-dropping CGI visuals, it stands as a monumental achievement in the realm of sci-fi anime. Beyond the spectacle, it’s a narrative roller coaster where every decision is a matter of life and death.

Gantz:O comes from the Gantz manga series by Hiroya Oku

So, if you’ve got a penchant for dystopian settings and adrenaline-pumping action, mized with a different style and feel than most things on the streamer, then gear up and let Gantz:O transport you to an unforgettable anime dimension!

Gantz:O isn’t just any anime sci-fi romp—it’s a visually immersive experience that takes place in the heart of a reimagined Tokyo. When our hero, Masaru Katou, finds himself unexpectedly killed in a subway altercation, he’s just as bewilderingly transported to a room with an enigmatic black orb known as Gantz. 

Without much of a choice, he’s thrust into a game where he and a group of other recently deceased individuals are assigned the life-or-death mission of hunting down ferocious monsters rampaging throughout the city.

The stakes? A second shot at life. The catch? Accumulate 100 points, with each monster carrying a specific point value. But, as Katou soon finds out, the task is far from straightforward. The city is teeming with an array of nightmarish creatures, from the grotesque to the eerily beautiful, and each poses a unique threat to the team. It’s here that Gantz: O really wins.

Gantz:O shines not only with its impressive CGI rendering but also with its intricate character dynamics

The movie shines not only with its impressive CGI rendering but also with its intricate character dynamics. While Masaru Katou is the undisputed lead, we also encounter compelling figures like the fearless combatant Reika and the seasoned warrior Suzuki. Each character brings their own backstories, motivations, and emotional baggage to the fore, adding layers of depth to the brutal game they’re ensnared in.

Directed by Yasushi Kawamura and Keiichi Saitô, Gantz:O seamlessly melds high-stakes action with poignant human moments. And for fans of the manga series, it offers a fresh, albeit familiar, perspective on one of its most intense arcs, the Osaka mission. Every scene, from the grand battles to the quieter introspective moments, is meticulously crafted, making it a must-watch for any die-hard fan of the genre.


Upon its release, Gantz:O was met with a divided reception. Critics and audiences alike couldn’t help but marvel at the film’s stellar CGI animation. The intricate designs of the monsters and the hyper-realistic battle sequences were consistently lauded for their visual splendor. 

In a genre where animation quality can make or break a project, Gantz:O certainly set a high bar, proving that anime could compete on the world stage when it came to technical prowess.

However, when it came to the narrative, opinions were more polarized. Some praised its faithfulness to the manga’s Osaka arc, appreciating its straightforward, action-packed approach. Others felt that the movie, in its bid to be loyal to the source material, sometimes sacrificed character depth and storytelling nuances.

But for our part, we are here for the visuals and on Netflix now, those do shine through.


As for its box office performance, while it might not have shattered records, Gantz:O did enjoy a respectable run in Japanese theaters, especially considering its niche appeal. Overseas, its limited release and specialized nature meant that it flew under the radar for many general moviegoers. 

The Gantz Live-Action Movie

Before the visually riveting Gantz:O splashed onto screens, there was the 2011 live-action adaptation simply titled “Gantz.” Directed by Shinsuke Sato, this iteration brought the beloved manga series to life in a cinematic realm, offering fans and newcomers a chance to see the intense, otherworldly battles and the intricate game of life and death in a more tangible setting.

With its blend of drama, action, and sci-fi elements, the film garnered attention and became a talking point among enthusiasts of the source material. It might not have reached the same iconic status as some adaptations, but it undoubtedly added another layer to the Gantz saga.

But for anime aficionados, especially fans of the original Gantz manga and TV series, the film was a must-see event. On Netflix, it has found a wider international audience, exposing more viewers to its unique blend of relentless action and existential musings.

This streaming success underscored the platform’s growing role as a haven for diverse international cinema and animation. In this way, Netflix is starting to crush in the anime game.

In the ever-expanding universe of Netflix’s streaming options, Gantz:O is something of a testament to the limitless boundaries of anime creativity. For seasoned fans of the genre and newcomers alike, the film offers a visually arresting journey into a dark and thrilling world, all from the comfort of one’s couch.

And for new fans especially, this is a good jumping-off point. Whether you’re revisiting the story or diving in for the first time, the marriage of traditional manga storytelling with cutting-edge animation techniques in Gantz:O showcases the best of what modern anime has to offer.