Amazon Just Canceled One Of Its Best Shows

Amazon is canceling one of its best shows and fans aren't going to be at all happy about this move from the streamer.

By Charlene Badasie | Published

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The Wilds has been canceled after two seasons on Amazon Prime Video. Created by Sarah Streicher, the story revolves around eight teenage girls who are stranded on a deserted island after a plane crash. But the group is unaware that their ordeal is part of a social experiment. The series was initially a home run for the streamer, serving as the first investment in young adult programming on the platform. It was also one of the last projects from the late Jamie Tarses of Happy Endings fame.

Consisting of 10 episodes, the first season of The Wilds debuted in December 2020. It received positive reviews from critics, who praised the acting, writing, and plot. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes also gave the show an approval rating of 92%, with the consensus describing the show as an addictive thriller that captures the complex lives of teenage girls. Due to its success, the series was renewed for a second season which premiered in May this year.

While still a decent show, The Wild’s second eight-episode outing saw the plot waver a little when a new group of all-male survivors arrive on the island. Finding themselves with no other option, the two groups are forced to put their differences aside and work together which, as the story unfolds, is easier said than done. Streicher served as executive producer on the series alongside showrunner Amy Harris and Dylan Clark for Dylan Clark Productions, MovieWeb reports. The project was co-produced by Amazon Studios and ABC Signature, which is part of Disney Television Studios.

The cast, who had been hopeful about returning for the third season of The Wilds, includes Rachel Griffiths, David Sullivan, Troy Winbush, Sophia Ali, Sarah Pidgeon, Jenna Clause, Erana James, Mia Healey, Helena Howard, Reign Edwards, and Shannon Berry. Joining as the second group of survivors in the second season were Zack Calderon, Aidan Laprete, Nicholas Coombe, Charles Alexander, Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Reed Shannon, Tanner Ray Rook, and Alex Fitzalan.

According to Deadline, fans of The Wilds shouldn’t be too disappointed as Prime Video remains committed to young-adult content. The streamer’s current slate includes popular breakout series like The Summer I Turned Pretty, as well as The Boys Presents: Diabolical and Invincible. There’s also the upcoming series Shelter, which is based on the first bestselling novel in the Mickey Bolitar trilogy by author Harlan Coben.

Speaking about The Wilds in 2020, showrunner Amy B. Harris said the story aimed to reveal the inherent similarities in all human beings at a time when people felt extremely divided. “People are behind their computer screens trolling one another and screaming strong opinions and not listening to one another,” she told Variety at the time. With that in mind, she wanted to see what would happen if people were ripped out of that world. Would they start to see common ground? On a hunch that they would, the show was developed.

Harris added that the story was supposed to give people some hope. Because if you just put down your phones for five seconds and actually talk to someone else, you will see that we all really have more similarities than differences. And that everyone’s greatest similarity is the need to survive. Both seasons of The Wilds are currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.