Alien Series Announces Full Leading Cast, Wonder Woman Actor Added

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

Alien series

FX has finalized the main cast lineup for its upcoming Alien series and has officially given us the full details. The highly anticipated project is under the creative helm of Noah Hawley, who added six new members to the ensemble. The exciting declaration represents a significant milestone in the show’s development, a series generating buzz-a-plenty since its original revelation. 

Babou Ceesay, famous for his work in Guerilla and Damilola, will join the impressive lineup alongside Jonathan Ajayi, who some might know from his appearance in Wonder Woman 1984 and Noughts and Crosses. Also announced is Erana James, who fans loved in Uproar and The Wilds, and Lily Newmark, who celebrated for her performances in Pin Cushion and Sex Education. Rounding out the cast for the Alien series, fans can expect Diêm Camille of Washington BlackAlex Rider 3 fame, and Adrian Edmondson (War & Peace, A Spy Among Friends).

Alien Cast
Jonathan Ajayi in Wonder Woman 1984

Of course, these six actors join the ranks of the previously announced cast—featuring the likes of Sydney Chandler, Timothy Olyphant, Alex Lawther, Essie Davis, David Rysdahl, Samuel Blenkin, and Adarsh Gourav. Fans of the original movies look forward to the blend of fresh faces and established talent, a mixture ensuring a dynamic, engaging ensemble enriching this ambitious project.

Specific details of the Alien series are, as of now, frustratingly shrouded in mystery. All we know so far is that the sci-fi series will be set on Earth in the near future. This is a marked deviation from the usual, deep-space setting of the franchise we all know and love.  

The production journey of the series has been notable—characterized in equal parts by luck and the nuances of labor law. The series’s scripts were polished before the recent writer’s strike, while production commenced in July in Thailand. In the British case, all members of Equity, the British entertainment union, began production of the Alien series amid the SAG-AFTRA strike; this production endured delays but is slated to pick up again in early 2024. 

timothy olyphant
Timothy Olyphant

A seminal franchise in science fiction and horror, Alien began with Ridley Scott’s groundbreaking 1979 film, Alien. The movie won audience devotion and critical acclaim with its atmospheric tension and ingenious horror elements, all manifested brilliantly in the Xenomorph—the extraterrestrial creature infamous for its lethality and unique life cycle.

Of course, the franchise expanded through sequels, prequels, and crossovers, among them the notable Aliens directed by James Cameron. This latter film contributed an exhilarating, action-packed intensity to the eerie suspense of the original movie. Perhaps the upcoming Alien series will be similarly action-heavy? 

Ellen Ripley, played unforgettably by Sigourney Weaver, is central to the franchises, whose enduring battle against the Xenomorophs became a defining theme. Other themes of the franchise included corporate greed and human survival.

alien series

Anticipation for the Noah Hawley Alien series is understandably high—as it would seem poised to attract vast viewership to FX. Fans are excited about the show’s unique setting and the prospect of a fresh take on an iconic franchise. With production gearing up to resume, expect all eyes to be on the talented ensemble and the interesting Alien series they’re realizing.