An Overlooked Alec Baldwin Movie Just Hit Netflix

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago

alec baldwin

Alec Baldwin has made a late-career as a game show host on Match Game and oft-player of the President of the United States on Saturday Night Live. These are two roles he was basically meant for, as a gruff though larger-than-life presence on the screen. From a movie perspective, he’s not so much a leading man anymore, but when he takes part in a production it’s often in the scene-stealing form. Maybe he isn’t headlining major films these days, but that doesn’t mean the guy can’t still bring it. And one of his recent, mostly overlooked, films just hit streaming with An Imperfect Murder coming to Netflix this week.

An Imperfect Murder (previously titled The Private Life of a Modern Woman) stars Sienna Miller as Vera Lockman, a famous actress who has dealt with an abusive ex-boyfriend for years. Thinking she’s finally out of the terrible and violent relationship, he shows up and they have an altercation. As you can tell from the title, it ends poorly for him and Miller’s character does in fact kill him in the struggle. What ensues is a psychological thriller that has Miller’s character questioning her own reality. Alec Baldwin plays Detective McCutcheon who shows up at her doorstep the following day asking questions. 

The movie pits Alec Baldwin in something of a cat and mouse game with Miller as the latter works to hide the evidence of the murder while also working through some of her mental issues around the incident. We see plenty of flashbacks during a slow burn of a story about what happens to victims of abuse and how reality can bend when violence is involved. 

alec baldwin

Alec Baldwin’s role aside, An Imperfect Murder did have some off-screen issues to say the least. Namely, director James Toback was at the center of significant controversy when the film was first released. The film came out in September of 2017 and in October of that year, the Los Angeles Times printed a story with close to 40 actresses alleging the director had engaged in sexual harassment or assault towards them. The allegations were disturbing and involved a number of high profile actresses like Rachel McAdams, Selma Blair and Natasha Leggero to name a few. Toback denied all allegations, including the additional 395 other woman who came forward after the story was published.  

These high profile, and rather troubling reports could be a reason why Alec Baldwin has seemed to distance himself from the movie. Those, plus some pretty terrible reviews could be why there’s conspicuously little information to be found about it. It’s also likely why the name of the film was changed. In light of the director’s past, having him helm a movie about the private life of women didn’t appear all that great a look. 

For Alec Baldwin, he might be done playing Donald Trump these days, but the dude is staying busy. He’s in pre-production on a Western, Rust which is slated to release this year. And then he’ll get into the biopic game, playing Enzo Ferrari in Lamborghini about the famed carmaker’s story. In the meantime, despite some of the controversy, it’s still always a good time catching Alec Baldwin on screen and you can do that on Netflix right now.