Zendaya Is Gorgeous In Strapless Pink Dress

Zendaya wore a stunning pink Valentino Haute Couture gown to the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

By Jessica Scott | Updated


Zendaya was looking lovely in a pastel pink dress at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Her latest post on Instagram showed her posing in the gorgeous Valentino Haute Couture gown, which had a fitted, strapless bodice and a long skirt that featured 190 matching pink roses. She completed the look with a flawless bob and a shimmery silver necklace with large, chunky jewels.

According to Elle, Zendaya has been trying to keep a low profile this year, as recent years have seen her explode from a Disney channel regular to something closer to a superstar. Her roles in the latest Spider-Man film franchise and Euphoria, the role for which she was nominated for a SAG Award last weekend, have catapulted her to a whole new level of fame she wasn’t quite ready for.

Luckily, though, Zendaya is a bit of an old pro when it comes to acting and being in the limelight. She may not have been a household name the whole time, but she has been acting since she was very young. “So thankfully, I’ve had a little bit of time to ease and grow my experience in a way that wasn’t just completely an overnight change,” she says. 

Zendaya adds, though, that it has been a bit difficult to adjust to all the new interest in her nonetheless, but she is working hard to remain grateful for it because she knows it means that she is doing a good job and people are really appreciating her hard work.

Unlike some other celebrities who share (and sometimes overshare) about their private lives on social media, Zendaya tries to keep things a bit more to herself. She does share some photos like the ones above on Instagram, but overall, her private life is, for the most part, private (or she tries to keep it that way, at least). Luckily, many of her fans have been following her since she was just a dancing kid on a Disney sitcom, and they respect her wishes to keep some things to herself.

One thing Zendaya can’t quite keep secret is that she is currently dating her Spider-Man co-star Tom Holland. According to another Elle article, the two had been trying very hard to keep their relationship under wraps when a video of them kissing in a car emerged on social media in 2021. They then had to address the rumors and admit that, yes, fans’ greatest desires had come true and they really were a real-life couple just like Peter Parker and MJ.

tom holland zendaya

Since then, the two of them have still tried to keep their love life separate from their professional lives, though. At the SAG Awards, for example, Zendaya walked the red carpet on her own, presumably so that she could shine in her own right and not just be the subject of gossip magazines gushing over how things were going for her and Tom. The couple usually only attend events and premieres together when they are related to a Spider-Man film since they worked on those together. Otherwise, they each do their own thing and support one another off-camera, which helps them to keep at least one part of their lives to themselves.