Tim Burton Is Dating The Sexiest Actress In Hollywood?

Tim Burton is dating Italian actress Monica Bellucci.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

Monica Bellucci in Tears of the Sun

The creator of Jack Skellington has finally found his Sally. Director Tim Burton and Italian actress Monica Bellucci have recently become something of an item. According to MSN Burton, the twisted mind behind The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Matrix Reloaded actress have been secretly dating for the last four months.

The covert love birds reportedly first met in 2006 at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes but didn’t start dating until running into each other at another film festival 16 years later. Tim Burton and Monica Bellucci were both attending the Lumière Film Festival in Lyon, France, last October when they decided to take their relationship to the next level.

tim Burton Monica bellucci
Tim Burton

Tim Burton was at the event to receive the Lumière Lifetime Achievement award, and Monica Belluci was there to present it to him. The Beetlejuice director reportedly accepted the award with tears in his eyes, saying, “All my life put together, I have never felt so much love as tonight.” Burton, known for his macabre style, then stayed on brand calling the ceremony “the best funeral I ever had!”

Tim Burton continues his dating version of Disney‘s It’s A Small World with his newest girlfriend, Monica Bellucci. The Italian Bellucci follows British actress Helena Bonham Carter and Burton’s ex-wife, German artist Lena Gieseke, in Tims’s cavalcade of international lovers. Burton and Helena Bonham Carter split in 2014 after two children and over a decade together.

Monica Bellucci has been single since 2019 when the Tears of the Sun actress split with beau Nicolas Lefebvre. Both Tim Burton and Monica Bellucci have one marriage/divorce under their belts. For Burton, it’s the above-mentioned Gieseke, whom he divorced in 1991 after four years of marriage. Bellucci was previously married to director Vincent Cassel from 1997-2013.

Is this new pairing a casual fling or a long-term romance? If Tim Burton starts casting Monica Bellucci in all his projects, it will be a strong indicator that the relationship is serious. Burton is notorious for putting his female companions in his films, sometimes in starring roles.

It started with Burton’s ex Lisa Marie. The director cast Marie in three of his films: Sleepy Hollow, Ed Wood, and Mars Attacks! But that was just a warm-up for the Helena Bonham Carter years.

Over the course of their relationship, Burton cast Carter in at least eight of his movies, including Alice In Wonderland, Sweeney Todd, and Dark Shadows. Will Tim Burton do the same with his new partner Monica Bellucci? Almost certainly.

Don’t be surprised to see Bellucci on a future season of Wednesday if their relationship works out. The Brotherhood of the Wolf actress would be a perfect fit for Burton’s gothic Netflix series. Maybe Tim Burton could even find a role for Monica Bellucci in his long-gestating Beetlejuice sequel.

If the romance between Tim Burton and Monica Bellucci is proof of anything, it’s that France really is for lovers. That and that Burton continues to somehow date out of his league despite his historically frumpy appearance.